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The Joy of a Slow Christmas

The Joy of a Slow Christmas

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This year Christmas is a little different for our family. Instead of having our big celebrations the weekend before Christmas, we’ve opted to slow things down and have all of our out-of-town celebrations with extended family afterward – on New Years Eve. With this new agenda, there are no long shuffling from house to house. We have time to be still in our little home, with our little family.

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Bottlebrush trees $14.99, $19.99 & $29.99
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I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it feels a little strange. The busyness has always been a part of our holidays. But this unscheduled period at home has been such a gift. It has given us time to slow down and enjoy our kids. Postponing the hustle and bustle has allowed us to take a breath and create some new traditions of our own.

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By embracing a slower pace, we have been able to savour the true spirit of the season and have found happiness in moments that often pass us by. That's not to say that we didn’t have these moments before. But as a parent, with so much on my mind, and an overwhelming to-do list, they sadly often felt forced to me. I felt I had to give my kids all these experiences but didn’t know how on earth I’d find the time. Letting go of the pressure to do more and be more has dramatically reduced the stress that often surrounds this holiday.

With this simplified schedule, we have been afforded more time to love on our kids. We have snuggled on the couch and watched countless Christmas movies, we’ve gone public skating, we’ve baked…there have been so many wonderful memories created this season! This year we made time to actually take the kids shopping too. I’m ashamed to admit, but in the past, we’ve simply bought on the kids’ behalf and signed their names to the cards. Including them in the giving has been so special. They have been delighted to pick out gifts for their loved ones and teachers. And they’ve surprised us with some really great gift ideas!

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This year we’ve taken the time to have talks with the kids about ways we can spread Christmas cheer in our community. We’ve been working hard sorting & donating to those in need and making homemade cards & drawings for others. Talking to the kids about important matters and getting them involved in our community has truly opened their hearts and shifted the focus of the holiday back to the spirit of giving. Yes, all the excitement and lavishness that surrounds Christmas is wonderful, but so is simplicity. 

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However you choose to celebrate this glorious day, my hope is that you are able to take a moment to slow down and cherish the ones you love. To give gratitude for the lessons this life has given. To make space for a joy-filled Christmas that is filled with love, connection, and tradition.

Merry Christmas!


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