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Styling a Coffee Table

Styling a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the centrepiece of a living area and are a perfect way to add personality and style to your space.  Styling your coffee table doesn’t have to be expensive – most of the items you can pull from around your house like books and candles or some of your favourite small accessories.

When starting to style your coffee table, begin with a single statement piece – something that stands out because it’s a bold or unique shape or maybe a little unusual. Your coffee table needs one focal point to pull everything together so it’s always a good idea to pick that piece first and then work around it.

Candles make a great addition to your coffee table because not only do they give a beautiful luminescent glow at night, but their round shape helps give your display height, texture and style.

Books are great conversation starters and are the perfect accent for your coffee table.  They can be stacked and topped with decorative objects to give your accessories more texture and to magnify their beauty and shape.  Start by stacking two or three books and if your books don’t match your décor you can simply wrap them with a neutral wrapping paper or fabric.

Flowers and plants are a must-have accessory that promises to liven up your space.  Plants add warmth that will bring an otherwise neutral room to life by creating a beautiful focal point.

Whenever I’m struggling I always come back to the rule of three. You just need to pick 3 items or 3 groupings of items of different heights and textures that fit with the style of the room.  It’s always important to consider scale, colour and height when picking your coffee table items so it doesn’t become too cluttered and overwhelming – avoid over-decorating!  Remember that you don’t have to fill every inch of the table.

When styling your coffee table, the key is to keep it simple and functional.  Aim for a balanced look that suits the scale of your table.  Focus on the elements that will bring you joy and warmth, and you will enjoy them every time you relax in your space.

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