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String of Hearts

String of Hearts

Calling all inexperienced houseplant growers this week we'd like to introduce you to the easy-to-care-for String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii). Also referred to as "Rosary Vine" with eye-catching heart-shaped foliage, this houseplant can add contrast and drama to any room!

A succulent trailing vine perfect for placing in a hanging basket/pot or for placing on a shelf/windowsill. Adored by many, the String of Hearts is known to be fast-growing, somewhat drought-tolerant and quite easy to propagate.

Its silver-marbled pattern hearts adorn thin string-like purple vines reminding us of a beaded garland we'd drape on a mantle for Valentine's Day. With pale magenta blooms that typically appear in late summer into fall, the String of Hearts plant when placed in the right conditions will trail quickly and flower abundantly.

Plant Care and Maintenance for String of Heart Plants:

Light: Bright, indirect light

Water: Allow soil to completely dry between watering, then water thoroughly. Ensure adequate drainage.

Fertilizer: Water-soluble 20-20-20 monthly.

Soil: Well-draining cacti potting mix is ideal. If the soil is overly rich, the plants can become straggly-looking alternatively if using an ordinary potting mix, add things like pumice or perlite to ensure it has sufficient drainage.

Maintenance: Heat and drought tolerant. Large spacing between leaves = not getting enough light

Growth: 1-2" tall | 6-10' trail

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