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Scabiosa: Pincushion Flower

Scabiosa: Pincushion Flower

Feeling like your garden needs a splash of colour? Incorporate Scabiosa, an easy to care for perennial that is small but mighty! With a bloom all season long, this pincushion flower works well nearly anywhere and its stunning flowers especially attract butterflies! 

Scabiosa form low mounds of foliage in a rosette shape, with long thin stems and lavender flower heads, making for a great addition in a cutting garden! Happy and healthy plants are known to produce 20-50 blooms.

Getting its Pincushion name for its flower cushion-like center and pin-looking stamens, Scabiosa is suitable for beds, borders and containers. 

Care & Growth Instructions for Scabiosa: 

  • Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Soil: well-draining, organic-rich soil. The addition of compost, well-rotted manure or peat moss will help enrich the soil.
  • Water: Provide pincushion flowers with an inch of water while they’re establishing their root systems. After that, the plants can tolerate periods of drought. Once a week when there is no rain and twice a week during drought-like conditions. 
  • Growth: 1-2′ in height
  • Maintenance: Deadheading spent blooms is necessary to keep the plants flowering and also improves their appearance. Pruning cuts should be made just above a leaf joint, or the stems can be cut back to the bottom leaves in fall.
  • Fertilizer: Pincushion flowers are light feeders; a bi-monthly feeding with a balanced flower fertilizer during the growing season will keep the flowers coming.
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