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Pothos Cebu Blue

Pothos Cebu Blue

On the hunt for a low-maintenance houseplant that can add a pretty vining look across a bookshelf or add some visual interest with a climbing totem? Meet Cebu Blue, an evergreen tropical pothos that is versatile and adapts well to a variety of conditions.

Pothos plants are known for their silvery-blue, shiny heart-shaped leaves that climb or trail. Going by the names of Devil’s Ivy, Dragon-tail plant and Blue Pothos, Cebu Blue got its name from the island of Cebu located in the Philippines where it is commonly found.


Light: Bright, indirect light or low light

Water: Give the plant a complete soak and allow the soil to dry slightly between watering, then water thoroughly. Ensure the excess water should completely escape through the drainage hole. Let the top inch of the soil become dry to the touch before you could water the plant again.

Fertilizer: Water-soluble 20-20-20 every 3 months. Do not fertilize in the winter months.

Maintenance: Low maintenance. Trails can be trained to climb and pruned to the desired length. 

Growth: 1-8′ tall / 1-8′ wide

Toxicity: Toxic to cats and dogs

Common Issues:

  • Yellowing leaves- your plant isn’t receiving enough water and light
  • Browning leaves – excess in water, sunlight or fertilizer
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