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First Impressions: Behold the Front Porch

First Impressions: Behold the Front Porch

I just love going for evening strolls this time of year. I don’t know why, but the changing of the leaves and the crispness in the air always makes me feel nostalgic. It has me longing for chai tea, sweaters & snuggling up to watch Gilmore Girls! When I lived in an apartment in the city I used to dream about having a house in a small town. And I feel like Kingsville is everything I dreamed of. In our neighbourhood, mostly everyone knows each other. And I love snooping around the hood to see how the neighbours have decided to decorate for the season! 

Let’s talk about the beloved front porch. The front porch is the first impression of your home. Whether someone is just passing by, or coming in to say hello, it is the first thing they see. Outdoor décor is a great way to let a little bit of your personality shine through to the outside world. What do you want people to see? Are you traditional, modern, rustic?  Whether you have an expansive porch or a narrow stoop, adding some seasonal flare is always a good idea!  There are many variations for how you choose to let your style show. Let’s go over some options… 


With this style in mind, less is more. The goal is to decorate without crowding. If you’re aiming to achieve this look, it might be nice to stick to a small colour scheme. Black plays a big role in modern décor, so that’s a good starting point. Then, if you so desire, inject one or two more colours. The idea is to keep it clean and simple. 

Black & white throw blanket $49.99 | 6” Faux black pumpkin $9.99 | Wreath $99.99 | Tuscany fall planter $69.99 | Black decorative sticks $1.49 | Assorted pumpkins $2-$7 | Birds on a wire floor mat $39.99


For the traditionalists, like me, this time of year is when we can really let loose. Bring on all the festive elements. Corn stalks, hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, wreaths, blankets & cushions. There is no such thing as too much.

Haybale $9.99 | 9” mums $7.99 | Faux wheat wreath $49.99 | Assorted pumpkins $2-$7 | Clay pots $29.99 & $29.99 | Corn stalks $4.99 | Small bushel basket $5.99 | Tuscany fall planter $69.99 | Birds on a wire floor mat $39.99


With a few additions, it is quite simple to achieve a more rustic look. Perhaps instead of planter pots, your mums can sit in vintage crates. Pair that with a plaid throw and some burlap and you’re set! Anna’s makes beautiful burlap bows which would be the perfect addition to this look. Feel free to add any antique items that can be left outdoors. An old milk jug or lantern would look beautifully mixed in with this type of display!

Welcome sign $19.99 | Large Gourds 2 for $1.00 | Medium gourds 3 for $1.00 | 9” mums $7.99

 Lantern $99.99

I find nailing down the style you want is a great place to start, then from there, I like to inject some personality if possible. Myself, I like to add a little whimsy and quirkiness to my décor where I can.

When decorating, I like to ‘shop my house' and find items I already own to use in a new place. Not only does it save money, but you may find a new appreciation for something that had lost excitement to you. These hand-painted eyes do just the trick for me! 

Small Bushel basket $5.99 | 9” mums $7.99 | Large gourds 2 for $1.00 | Medium gourds 3 for $1.00 | Clay pot $29.99

What do you have tucked away in the house or backyard that could use some time in the spotlight? If you want to add some personality but don’t already own porch-appropriate items, Anna’s has you covered. Try perhaps swapping out your mat for this adorable cat mat?

Cat doormat $39.99

Or fill a large lantern with gourds, pumpkins painted in your favourite colour, or something festive from the dollar store. I love the idea of (and am currently on the hunt for) a chalkboard or sign that can be personalized with each season. Ultimately, this is your home, how do you want to showcase it? 

There’s something romantic about a beautifully donned entranceway. A depiction of the love story you have for your home. It not only sets the tone for what’s inside but radiates those happy vibes before anyone even walks through the door. I don’t know about you, but pulling into the driveway to marvel at a festive and colourful front porch always warms my heart.  

Happy decorating, friends!

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