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No flower represents the winter holidays like the poinsettia! The Garden Centre is filled with shades of red, white and pink and we’re soaking it all in.

The bright red poinsettia blooms are what the plant is mostly known for. For a long time, red was the only variety of poinsettia you could get!

These beautiful Holiday houseplants are known to reveal their colour in October/November, once the days start to become shorter and the nights, longer. Typically taking about 8 weeks to completely bloom, Poinsettias make the perfect hostess or thank you gift this time of year.

When it comes time to find the perfect spot in a home for a Poinsettia, you will want to make sure you place it in indirect, bright light. Keep away from a drafty window/door, or warm fireplace as they prefer to be kept in a temperature between 15-22 degrees Celsius (65-75 degrees Fahrenheit) consistently. Be sure to water every other day, and ensure that your plant is completely drained before watering again. You don’t want your plant to be sitting in water, if it is placed in a pot or foil wrapper, be sure to remove it, water it, allow it to drain and then place it back in its vessel.

A friendly reminder that Poinsettia plants are mildly toxic if ingested, so please keep them away from your curious pets and children.

Information, Care & Maintenance for Pointsettia:

Light: Bright, indirect light

Water: Keep soil evenly moist. Allow soil to dry between watering. Allow water to drain through the pot/pot cover. 

Fertilizer: Water soluble 20-20-20 in late March/April.

Maintenance: Water less (once a week) after blooms shrivel. Cut back the stems to half their size in March/April. Move outdoors when temperature is above 13 degrees C.

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