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Planting For Pollinators

Planting For Pollinators

It's officially June, so we're celebrating our pollinating friends as it's National Pollinator Month!

If you haven't already, June is a great time to plant with a purpose & include pollinator-friendly plants throughout your yard or garden.

5 Tips For Attracting Pollinators to your Garden:

+ Use pesticides sparingly and opt for gentle, specific methods first.
+ Keep a healthy insect population to naturally control pests.
+ Plant pollinator-friendly plants in groups of at least 3'x3' for easier foraging.
+ Balance garden tidiness with leaving some nesting spots for insects.
+ Ensure flowers bloom from spring to fall for continuous nectar & pollen.

It can become overwhelming when prepping your garden or better yet determining what exactly you want to plant. Luckily, when it comes to pollinators, there are many affordable options that not only attract them but also provide us with beautiful, bright blooms all summer long.

A few of our favourite pollinator-friendly plants include:

+ Black & Blue Salvia
+ Trailing Salvia 
+ Lantana
+ Vermillionaire
+ Petunia's
+ Fuschia / Bleeding hearts
+ Echinachea
+ Veronica Speedwell
+ Cone Flower
+ Lavender
+ Aster
+ Sunflower
+ Zinnia
+ Lupine
+ Heliotrope
+ Marigold 

The list goes on - truly!

If you haven't stopped by the Garden Centre yet, don't worry... it's not too late! We have so many options when it comes to planting a pollinator-friendly garden. To make your life easier, you can sit back & enjoy the beauty without having to plant a thing - Our team has created some pollinator patio pots. They include everything you'll need to keep the bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering and hummingbirds humming!



    Posted by Louise Babony on

    Don’t forget the milkweed for the monarchs.

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