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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

22” x 14”  wool pillow $69.99 | 16” blue velvet pillow $29.99

Oh, how I love a good throw pillow! The use of decorative pillows can be transformative in your space. Adding pillows is a simple and non-permanent way to bring colour and pattern into a room. And I am a big time colour and pattern girl. I dream of one day having a bohemian/eclectic home with bold wallpaper and deeply hued colours…but until I muster up the nerve (and get my husband on board) I add a little extra fun into my home through pillows! 

Even if you are minimalist in your decor, actually, especially if you decorate with neutrals, adding in texture though pillows can really bring your room to the next level. You know when it seems like something is missing, but you can’t place just what it is? The answer (90% of the time) is PILLOWS!

Like I said earlier, I love bold rooms, and next on our small home projects is painting our master bedroom. We have a little renovation happening in our ensuite next month, and after that, I plan to create the room of my dreams. With a deep analogous colour scheme of mossy green walls accented by dijon, smokey blue, and gold.
I know this style obviously isn’t for everyone,  so I thought I would take advantage of the light neutral tones now, to show you how simply swapping out throw pillows can transform a space! 
Artificial fern in wicker basket $24.99
Rose bead garland $14.99 | Rose astilbe pick $9.99 | 24” x 12” Love pillow $59.99
And now let’s switch to blue!
Grey/blue vase $24.99 | Clock $39.99 |  26” Blue/grey/gold Euro sham $99.99
Gold wall planter $29.99 | Decorative artificial grass $14.99
And if you are at a loss with what to do with them at bedtime, an oversized basket is a nice solution. Or if you are lucky enough to have a bench at the end of your bed, that’s a great place to tuck them as well.
Large wicker basket $199.99
This post was a great excuse to have my daughter clean her room too! If any of you have girls at home, my number one trick for getting her to clean is replacing the word ‘clean’ with ‘decorate’. “Hey Nora, can you help me decorate the living room, please?” And before you know it, she’s folding blankets, picking the toys up off the floor and fluffing the pillows! Sometimes she even  enlists me to help her rearrange the furniture! I love it.
I couldn’t resist the opportunity to spruce her room up. And she was begging to upgrade her bedding after she saw it with the bright teal throw blanket and colourful handmade pillows.
Teal throw blanket $59.99 | Handcrafted 14” x 36” lumbar pillow $79.99
16” handcrafted pink pillow $49.99 | Teal throw blanket $59.99
Our basement is the fun zone. I refuse to replace the furniture down there until the kids are too old to jump on it. I could firm up on the rules, but they are only little once, and they have WAY too much fun dancing, playing and bouncing around. That being said, Just because the couch is dated and dark, doesn’t mean I can’t at least try to make it look a little better. Solution…bring on the cushions!
Assorted pillows, prices vary  | 10” Raven ZZ pant $99.99
If this in-between weather has you feeling blah, a trip to Anna’s to breathe in the fresh florals and to perhaps give your home a fluffy little facelift may be just what the doctor ordered. 
Hope to see you there!

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