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Loop Soap

Loop Soap

We are always on a mission to support dreamers, especially self-starters from Canada who have made it their goal to help leave our planet a little better than they found it! 

Meet LOOP from Montreal, Quebec, entrepreneurs with a mission to establish a circular economy project that aims to reduce food waste by repurposing the outcasts of the food industry. Everyone loves a good underdog success story! They might look familiar as they even pitched for some funding on Dragon’s Den.

In a nutshell, they save fruits, veggies, bread, and oil that are rejected because they don’t have the proper shape, size or shelf life that is not long enough to survive the cycle of distribution. Transforming them into cold-pressed juices, beer, gin, and hand-crafted soaps. With lots more ideas in the works! 

Did you know…

“In Canada, 56% of all food is thrown away. While some of this waste is unavoidable, the majority is driven by stock management issues and our pickiness, as consumers, on how our food should look.”

This week we’re featuring LOOP soap, made by partnering with a vegan fast-food chain in Montreal to save their undesired organic sunflower oil and then added perfectly imperfect fruits. Might sound weird… until you try it. The result is more than a delightful soap that freshens you up before hitting the dance floor; plus it’s a solution to food waste.

Here at Anna’s, we carry:  

  • Grapefruit Ginger LOOP soap
  • Orange Tumeric LOOP soap
  • Cucumber Lime LOOP soap
  • Lemon Honey LOOP soap
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