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Hoya Australis Lisa

Hoya Australis Lisa

Hoya Australis ‘Lisa’ is a stunning variegated cultivar adored for its easy-to-grow, low-maintenance personality. Making it a perfect houseplant for beginners as it can be pretty forgiving if forgotten about. With new leaves emerging a pretty pink that eventually fades and gives way to a variegated leaf with creamy tones and shades of green, we think it would make the perfect addition to your work-from-home setup!

Native to Australia, Hoya Australis ‘Lisa’ is known to mostly grow across the edge of rainforests, and in rocky areas. A climbing vine with fragrant and showy white flowers, known to attract butterflies. This long-living houseplant can grow to long lengths when giving its fullest expression. You may have also heard this plant go by the name of “wax vine”, “wax plant”, “honey plant” or “porcelain flower”.


Light: Bright, indirect light (North facing window is ideal)

Water: Drought tolerant. Water when the top 1-2″ of soil feels dry to the touch. We suggest watering every 10 days or so- when you notice the leaves start to look wrinkly they are thirsty. If the lower leaves start to turn yellow and fall off, this is a sign of overwatering.

Fertilizer: Use liquid fertilizer to feed your Hoyas about once a month during the growing season. Once cold weather comes along, make sure to cut out the fertilizer as they enter a semi-dormant state.

Maintenance: Low maintenance. Trails can be trained to climb and pruned to the desired length. Black foliage spots indicate overwatering. 

Growth: 2-4′ tall/trail

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