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Houseplants: Powerful Companions

Houseplants: Powerful Companions

For as long as I can recall, I have had a deep love for nature. So, it should come as no surprise that I have brought elements from the great outdoors into our house. And by elements, I’m talking about hoards of houseplants. Incorporating houseplants into my home allows me to bring some of that glorious greenery into every part of my day. Not only do plants serve as a beautiful addition to our space, but they offer numerous benefits that can improve our mental and physical well being.

There are more plants than I can count strewn throughout our home, and somehow, it still doesn’t feel like enough! I’m teetering the lines of a healthy addiction, that is for sure. But I have to say - collecting plants definitely has its advantages. For starters, they are beautiful. If you ever feel like a room in your house is lacking something, 90% of the time the addition of a houseplant does the trick! Adding greens can bring a dull corner to life or turn a lack luster bathroom into a Zen and spa-like retreat. Speaking of bathrooms, if you’re wanting to add plants to your bathroom and are unsure which ones to choose, Ferns, Philodendrons, and Calatheas are all great options which don’t require much light and do very well in humidity.

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Also, plants improve air quality. Adding houseplants such as Peace Lilies, Snake plants, Raven ZZ’s or Spider plants to your bedroom will help purify the air you breathe all night long. These plants have proven efficient in removing contaminates such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon dioxide from the air. Adding them to any space where you spend a lot of time is always a good idea.

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And while you’re at it, why not add them to your office! (See how easily this can become an addiction?!) Studies have shown that houseplants offer many psychological benefits as well. They can help to reduce stress levels & boost our mood. They can even increase productivity and creativity.

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If you are new to the plant craze, lets go over a couple of care tips.


All plants are not equal, and do not require the same watering schedule. Read up on your specific plants needs. If you don’t have a green thumb or have a poor memory, try setting a recurring reminder on your phone calendar. Generally speaking, if the top inch of your soil is dry, it is usually time for some water. That being said, be careful not to overwater. The number one reason for plant death is root rot. This is why selecting a pot that has drainage is always recommended. If you love a pot that doesn’t have drain holes, you can drill your own hole at the bottom, or, another option is to keep your plant in the grower’s plastic pot and simply insert it into the decorative pot.

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Think of fertilizer as food for your plant. There are three main ‘food groups’ for plants, each provides strength to a different area. They are: Nitrogen (for foliage growth), Phosphate (promotes healthy roots), and Potassium (for healthy blooms).  These nutrients are represented by the 3 numbers on the label of nearly all fertilizer brands. The frequency at which you feed depends on the kind of fertilizer being used. Out newest line of plant care takes all the guesswork out. Add a small amount each time you water and watch as your plants thrive!

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For starters, cleaning your plant regularly by dusting its leaves will help prevent pest infestation. By paying close attention, you will be able to fight off any gnats, mites or bugs before the problem gets out of hand. If you do (and you will) happen to get some sort of pest, there are many natural solutions such as spraying mixtures of rubbing alcohol or dish soap with water. However, in most cases, you have to specifically spray the actual bug, which can prove tricky. Neem oil is by far the best pest control in my opinion. Spraying your plants leaves with neem oil shines and protects all in one.

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Don’t be intimidated by all of this though. If we pay close attention, our plants will tell us when they are in need. For example, perky leaves may begin to droop – indicating thirst. Yellowing leaves usually mean too much water, and crunchy brown leaves signal too much direct sun.

If you’re looking to add some greenery to your home Anna’s just received a HUGE shipment of houseplants and is fully stocked. You will find everything from easy to care for beginner plants (air plants, succulents, and raven zz)

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to rare plants fit for a collector...

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Gosh, I could go on and on about the benefits of houseplants. But I will cap it off with this: Caring for houseplants goes beyond all the things I’ve stated above. Tending to a plant and watching as it grows and thrives can bring so much satisfaction to our lives.

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Providing the maintenance plants require to sustain life adds emotional benefits such as social connection, mental resilience, and pride. Caring for a plant gently teaches responsibility while nurturing our sense of self. They are indeed a powerful companion.

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