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Holy Crap Oatmeal & Super Seed Blends

Holy Crap Oatmeal & Super Seed Blends

It's almost time for the kiddos to head back to school and for parents to sink into their scheduled weekly routines. So this week we thought we'd talk about a quick and healthy breakfast option, Holy Crap! This plant-based, high-fibre super seed cereal is gluten-free, vegan and high in protein.

Nourish and Energize your day with three chief ingredients – chia, buckwheat and hulled hemp seeds – ancient seeds with superfood status for their nutritional oomph and ability to optimize health.

Holy Crap was created to help us poop. Their line of high-fibre, plant-based superseded cereals helps maintain good gut health and when you create a healthy gut, you create a happy mind.

Positively Influences: 

+ Bowel Movements

+ Nutrient Delivery

+ Microbial Balance

+ Bodyweight

+ Stress & Anxiety

+ Mood

+ Behaviour

+ Neurotransmitters

Understanding the Mind Gut Connection 

"Within our gut, we have over a hundred trillion microbial cells living in us, rent-free! Actually, when you compare the number of cells in our body, we’re more microbe than we are human! These microbes live in a highly populated community in our gut known as our “gut microbiota”.

In the past 15 years, science has proven that our gut microbiota affects almost all aspects of our overall health. Many gastroenterologists (gut doctors) argue that the gut microbiota does more metabolic work than our liver and claim it should be considered a vital organ. The gut is not only central to digestion, but it is also crucial for the functioning of the immune system, the endocrine system and the nervous system, talk about an important player! The gut is connected directly to the brain, through the microbiota-gut-brain axis.

Understanding the microbiota-gut-brain axis
This axis has been shown to affect communication to the brain and behaviour associated with many mental health conditions. Over 95% of the body’s serotonin, your happy hormone, is stored in our gut, which is also the same molecule that is targeted when you take an antidepressant. Therefore, a good deal of research has shifted towards targeting your gut health as a new method of treating mental illnesses. While scientists are still at the beginning stages of understanding the mechanisms for this, they do know that there is amajor link between what we eat, what the microbes do with our food, and how it can affect the functioning of our brain!

So, there’s never been a better time to ease into eating more good gut food. Eating a variety of fibrous foods is one step in the right direction. Dietary fibers are essential to maintaining good gut bacteria and digestive health. Try one of our Holy Crap Cereals, which are full of soluble and prebiotic fibers to keep your gut happy and keep you happy too!" 


Erika Weissenborn, B.Sc., Food, Nutrition and Health for Holy Crap Cereal says, "Aside from the nutritional content of these cereals being top notch, this cereal will help to sustain your blood sugar levels and keep you satisfied until lunch, which is something I always look for in a breakfast cereal! With nothing refined or altered or added, your body knows exactly what to do with a product like this. Just eat real food!

"A large portion of the total carbs comes from fibre, which doesn't really contribute calories (or energy) to food. The sugar portion comes from the dried fruit. The remainder comes from complex carbohydrate sources that the body breaks down slowly, and maintains a steady stream of energy to the blood stream. These complex carbohydrates help to feed and nourish your gut, which can help you maintain optimal gut health.

Simply speaking the carbohydrates that are in these cereals are of the highest quality, and won't cause insulin or sugar rushes that you would receive from refined cereals (like many breakfast products on the market)."

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bag today and see how you feel throughout the day, after adding the recommended serving to your morning routines

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