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Get Crafty with Dried Florals

Get Crafty with Dried Florals

Dried flower bouquet $12.9918" wire ring - black $ 9.99 Thick jute ribbon (25 yard) $9.99

The trend of dried flower arrangements is prominent in the interior design world, now more than ever!  And I am filled with delight!

These carefree & everblooming florals are a great way to bring nature into your home without having to fuss with caring for them. They can add beautifully muted colours to your space and are a relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly décor option. The right preserved flowers will last for months, sometimes even years!

Assorted bouquets - prices vary

If you’re new to decorating with dried flowers, getting started can seem overwhelming at first. Sure, the wall of bouquets all look so pretty – but how the heck do you style them when you get home?! Let me walk you through some ideas to get the creative juices flowing. I promise, it’s actually much simpler than you think, and the process is so fun!

The most obvious way to showcase dry flowers is simply in a vase or pitcher. At Anna’s there are sooo many vessels that could be used to do this. My favourite is a cluster of mini vases. These are great for placing on windowsills, clustering as a centerpiece, or layering in front of artwork.

Mini vases $9.99 each

The great thing about these arrangements is that you can set them and forget them. You don’t have to worry about a light source or watering, making them a great option for bookshelves & alcoves.

Buddha holder $14.99 | Brass 4 x 6" glass photo frame $24.99

Take note of the framed flowers as well. I took a couple unused sprigs from the bouquet and pressed them between wax paper. I let them smoosh in a heavy book for a couple hours to flatten them. After that, I simply popped them inside a cute little gold frame. I think they add the nicest little touch to an otherwise dark shelf!

Wall hangings are another super stylish way to use dry florals. Whether your creation is large or small, it will definitely make a big statement. I picked up a hoop from the shop and made this simple modern arrangement with some twine and a few flower sprigs.

18" wire ring - black $ 9.99 Thick jute ribbon (25 yard) $9.99

I used about an eighth of a bouquet. This is not expensive, and literally took ten minutes from start to finish. I love the understated natural vibe it gives. Anna's has metal, brass, grapevine, and wooden beaded hoops in stock. All of which would be perfect for something g like this, or for crafting up a wreath.

Did you know that we make custom arrangements at Anna’s? If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind piece and are not wanting to give it a go on your own, we are certainly happy to help! Suzanne and I both love getting crafty at every chance we get. You may have noticed the large-scale hanging piece that Suzanne made at the shop. It’s for sale for $499.99 which may seem steep, but it is a HUGE statement piece. Did you know we also rent it out at a significantly smaller price tag? It was recently rented for a bridal shower, and I am OBSESSED! How gorgeous is this set up?! I am so happy for the soon to be married couple & honoured that Anna’s was able to help bring their vision to life.

Grass & floral hanging centerpiece $499.99, or $100 to rent

The beauty of decorating with dried flowers is that nothing really goes to waste. After you’ve finished with your décor, what’s left can be used to make the most adorable little posy bouquets. These are lovely to give away as a simple kind gesture (the world can never have enough of those!) or they can be added to spruce up small gifts. With the school year nearing an end, seems like they could be the perfect accompaniment to a teacher’s gift 😉.

Thank You Card $5.99 | Ginger sorbet body milk $19.99 (currently on sale for additional 30% off) | Scout 'Stone of Joy' 14 k gold dipped necklace $29.99

Like I said, these are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but there are countless ways to incorporate preserved flowers into your décor. If you’ve been feely crafty but have been procrastinating, consider this a nudge to get after it! 
Happy making, friends!

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