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Cabana Lemonade + Limeade

Cabana Lemonade + Limeade

There is a reason why so many people love to turn lemons into lemonade!

This week we're talking about a new arrival and staff favourite here at Anna's, Cabana Lemonade + Limeade. A line of all-natural, ready-to-drink lemonades and limeades in 8 distinct great-tasting flavours that contain no artificial sweeteners or colours. 

Cabana is naturally low in calories with less than 80 calories and 19 grams of sugar per 8 oz. serving. Lemonade has always been a favourite drink among all ages and now it can be enjoyed to its fullest with Cabana's refreshing flavours and superior ingredients.  

The vibrant colours come from natural fruit and vegetable pigments. Cabana is going to take you back to your childhood, with its clean taste and natural fruit flavours. 

Ever find that you always want to reach for a tall glass of lemonade in the heat of summer? Well that makes sense, because lemonade is scientifically proven to be thirst-quenching! Researchers have found that it's the sour and tart flavours mixed together that stimulate the salivary glands more than any other taste. Check out the science behind it here.

Cabana Lemonades and Limeades are the perfect drink to throw into your beach bag on your way to Point Pelee and pair with Snyder's Pretzel bites or our favourite Kettle Brand Chips. Anna's has lots of great last minute snacks that you can't typically find at the convenience store + fresh grown goodies! 

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