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Gifts For The Teacher

Gifts For The Teacher

With the school year coming to a close very soon, there is plenty to be grateful for when it comes to the teachers in our little ones' lives. Being a teacher most certainly isn't easy! Despite all of the obstacles and challenges presented to them each day, it's their ability to adapt and overcome that has always been and will always be commendable! 

So as we wind down into the final weeks of school, we wanted to put together some thoughtful gift ideas that we thought would be appreciated by the role models in our children’s lives! Whether it’s a school teacher, dance teacher, or sports coach – they mean the world! 

Here is what we came up with…

First off, a card, whether hand-made or purchased, with a wholesome and heartfelt thank you message from the kids will mean the MOST. Hearing that their work and effort over the past year was appreciated is so important! Hand-written messages stick with people, and they may even hold onto the cards to come back to, on hard days! 

Next up, of course, we suggest a plant, because they tend to make everything better. Whether you come in and choose a pot and plant to really make it your own, or you choose from one of our beautiful pot + plant duos by LiveTrends – we’re sure you’ll be able to find something they’ll love! 

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The theme of needing to relax and de-stress after one heck of a year is where the ideas for these next gifts come in… choose from a variety of products on our wellness wall to remind them of the importance of slowing down and taking some time for themselves! 

Maybe that means a new mug paired with a hot cup of coffee - we think some slow mornings in peace and quiet should most definitely be on the docket for teachers this summer! 

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This could also mean a candle – help create that cozy, comfortable zen den for the teachers at home, by choosing a scent that you think will ease their soul! Choose from our Swan Creek or Crossroads candle lines offering an assortment of sizes, colours, scents and styles! 

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We always love the idea of sentimental jewellery as well, whether it’s a Scout piece that offers an affirmation and meaning based on the stone or symbol. Or perhaps a charm bracelet from Earth Angels if that is more their style – a wearable gift that will remind them of the special memories they made with their students! 

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Struggling to decide on what they may like? Or worried about how to get the gift to your teachers? There are always gift cards – for use online or in-store.

Let’s give back to the ones who mean the most! 

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