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Fresh Herbs In The Winter

Fresh Herbs In The Winter

Fresh herbs not only comfort us with their incredible smell, but also improve home cooking so effortlessly — they may be small but they sure are mighty!

Although our herb gardens are put to sleep for the winter months, that surely won't stop us from enjoying fresh herbs all year round! Lucky for you, the Garden Centre is stocked with fresh assorted herbs! These are perfect for many things over the winter - especially for the windowsill in the kitchen when you're cooking and need to cut a sprig or two!

Our assorted pots include, Rosemary, Sage and Oregano. These little green wonders are your year-round companions, especially ideal for gracing the windowsill in your kitchen. Picture yourself cooking up a storm, reaching over to snip a sprig or two of vibrant, fragrant herbs — pure kitchen magic if you ask us!

The culinary possibilities with fresh herbs are almost endless. They infuse flavour into our favourite dishes and serve as captivating garnishes if you're feeling fancy!

A roast chicken without the aromatic dance of fresh thyme and sage? Unthinkable! Or a pasta sauce without the perfect pairing of oregano and basil? We couldn’t imagine it! The versatility of these herbs allows them to seamlessly transform any dish.

For those comforting pots of sauces, stews, or soups, consider the classic bouquet garni — a bundle of herbs that tops off any dish, with the aroma floating throughout every room in the house as it cooks. The joy of cultivating a thriving indoor herb garden for the winter is just a step away.

Spice up your cooking (& kitchen decor!), savour the flavours with us and let the magic of fresh herbs comfort you & yours this winter!

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