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Finding Your Interior Design Style

Finding Your Interior Design Style

Our home is our safe place. It’s the one place we can walk into and instantly feel a sense of security and comfort. As you fall back into your fluffy couch and rest your feet on your coffee table, you can’t help but feel a weight lifted off your shoulders from all the responsibility your day had dealt you.

Jestin and I bought our home when we were just babies. 19 years old and of course, we thought we knew everything about everything. We took a risk and purchased our first home in beautiful Kingsville. It was a white farmhouse that sat on an acre of land and it needed a lot of love. Despite the broken, faded pink shutters and the layers of wallpaper that covered every single wall in the house, we knew this was our home and where we wanted to be.

This rickety old farmhouse was exactly the project we needed. It taught us how to renovate, how to become a couple and how to manage our finances. It also taught me the do’s and don’t of interior design. We didn’t have much money. I loved garage selling and thrift shopping. Everything I owned was second hand and I either painted it or transformed it to make it work for us. Since then we sold our home and moved to a town where we brought all our past knowledge and could finally afford to apply it into a newer more solid space.

Teapot 29.99 | 4″ Swiss Cheese plant 9.99 | 4″ Beige Clay Pot 29.99

It was my fresh canvas. I researched trends, learnt how to put together mood boards and stalked certain Instagram accounts hoping one day my new home could look like those I admired online.

Feather 3.99 | Watering Can 29.99 | Driftwood 12.99 | 6″ Agave Geminiflora 39.99 | Rolling pin 19.99 | Wooden spoon 9.99 |
Green Ranunculus Flower Pic 9.99

Anna’s inspired me every shift. Sourcing upcoming trends and styles and incorporating them into the store helped me narrow down what my style actually is. Sometimes it can be intimidating. Everything looks nice in a store but then being able to pick and choose certain items and piece them together to make your space feel cohesive and coordinated, can often be very difficult and intimidating.

Audrey Ficus (available in different sizes) | Black and Cream Boho Pillows 59.99

Audrey Ficus (available in different sizes) | Black and Cream Boho Pillows 59.99

I teetered on the modern side. I loved the fresh look of clean lines and a monochromatic pallet, however, being on a tight budget and thrifting more eclectic mid-century items forced me to have to find my style.

Black and Cream Boho Pillows 59.99 | 4″ Swiss Cheese Plant 9.99 | 4″ Beige Clay Pot 29.99 | 6″ Rattlesnake Plant

4″ Swiss Cheese Plant 9.99 | 4″ Beige Clay pot 29.99 | 6″ Rattlesnake Plant

It’s easy to scroll through Pinterest and pin a million different perfectly curated photos that look pretty. In my home, I like every room to compliment each other. I start with a neutral wall colour then create a pallet that has similar tones. Take note of the natural lighting you have in your home. If you live in a shaded area or have small windows, consider a lighter wall colour so the room feels brighter and often larger.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig 99.99 | Boho Basket 79.99 | Cream Macrame Pillow 59.99

When I’m working on a project and head to the store to pick out some home decor pieces, I like to lay everything flat in my cart and get an overall feel of how everything flows together. Are the tones complementing each other? Do I have any elements of nature like a plant or wooden piece?

Mustard Mug 9.99 | Black lava stone Bracelet 29.99

Adding plants to your home is a great way to freshen the air along with filling in any corner or ledge that needs a pop of colour or natural element. I love incorporating low-maintenance plants like cactus, sansevieria or ZZ into my home and pairing them with trendy pots to compliment the rest of my decor choices.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your home is your space to feel safe and comfortable. Surrounding myself with pieces that trigger all your feel-good senses is just the pick-me-up I need after a busy hectic day. Incorporating photos that bring me back in time and adding pretty, scented candles to help freshen up the aroma of my home makes me feel cozy and comfortable.

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