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Choosing an Essential Oil Diffuser that is right for you!

Choosing an Essential Oil Diffuser that is right for you!

Creating an inviting and calming feeling in a space is something we care a lot about here at Anna’s! Examples of how this can be done include: 

  • Incorporating textiles that evoke comfort – pillows, throws, rugs, runners
  • Adjusting the lighting to be a warm hue and dimmable
  • Adding plants and fresh flowers

But this week we’re focusing on incorporating an element that yields the response “Wow, it smells so great in here!”

Here at Anna’s we offer a collection of stylish Essential Oil diffusers in a wide variety of designs and sizes. However, we understand that choosing an essential oil diffuser can seem like an intimidating task as they go by many names these days!  

Diffusers are a tool used for aromatherapy, releasing essential oils into the air that are intended to positively impact your mood. The biggest benefit being that you are inhaling all-natural fragrances without having to worry about harsh chemicals. Different types of diffusers distribute the oils differently and we will go over that below…

3 Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers: 

  • Ultrasonic Diffusers/Misters: Using water, a disc moves very rapidly, creating ultrasonic vibrations that transform the water and essential oil into small particles. When it releases from the diffuser, it is in the form of ‘mist’. Since it is airborne, rather than just being blown by a fan, the aroma is much more potent and can fill larger spaces compared to a passive fan diffuser.
    • The bonus of ultrasonic diffusers is that they act as a small humidifier and not much essential oil is needed to produce a noticeable yet subtle aroma.
    • Great for living rooms or bedrooms to help create an atmospheric and economic impact. 
  • Nebulizers: are the most advanced type of diffusers as they simply break the essential oil down into micro-particles without the need for water or heat. They release pure, concentrated essential oil particles into the air, creating a much more potent aroma than other types of diffusers.
    • These are a great option for dealing with acute sickness
  • Fan Diffusers: no heat or water required- simply add a few drops of your essential oil to a pad (material will vary) and then place the pad near a fan built into the diffuser and the aroma will be distributed through the air by those means. 
    • Great for travel use or in personal spaces such as cars and offices. 

FAQ: Essential Oil Diffusers

How many essential oil drops should I use? 

A little goes a long way! A best practice is to diffuse roughly 3 – 5 drops of essential oil per 100 mL of water in an ultrasonic diffuser and 5 – 15 drops of essential oil in a nebulizer depending on the note of the oil. Check out the packaging on both your essential oil and your device as they often give recommendations as well!

Which essential oils should I combine?

We suggest checking out essential oil websites or their Pinterest page for great recipes based on the feel and scent you are trying to achieve in your space! Each essential oil will stay in the air for a different amount of time- top notes will evaporate within an hour or two, middle notes, aromatically evaporate within two to four hours. And heavier base notes (the more expensive essential oils) can be detected for five or more hours and may even linger for days. Creating balanced synergies can help make a scent last longer or enhance overall therapeutic benefits.


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