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Celebrating DAD

Celebrating DAD


The guy who can do it all, the one you look up to and go to for advice, who can fix anything and everything, is the Master of the Grill, your partner in crime, the strongest and smartest man you know, with the biggest and softest heart.

Dad’s play a huge part in coaching us, teaching us and disciplining us.  They’re our role models, who show us how to work hard, have fun and respect the things we work hard for.

Father’s day is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to celebrate and acknowledge those special guys in our lives.  What does your dad enjoy doing or eating? Plan a special activity or outing with the whole family or just you and your dad, based on a hobby he loves to do or a meal he enjoys.

This holiday is at such a great time of the year for planting and getting outside and it had us reminiscing about how we celebrated past Father’s Days.  Growing up our dad always requested making a trip to the local nursery and picking out a bunch of his favourite annuals.  We would spend the day outside together, planting everything and then we’d all enjoy a wonderful lunch out on the back deck.  It’s a memory we’ll remember forever because it was a tradition we all looked forward to, spending time together and getting something accomplished around the house.  Another tradition we started once we were older, was going for a motorcycle ride to Port Dover, walking the pier and treating dad to a delicious fish and chips meal.  There are so many wonderful spots in Kingsville and the surrounding area, so pick one or two and start a Father’s Day tradition this year!

Dads are notorious for being difficult to buy for, so we want to give you some gift ideas to help you find the perfect thing for your dad. All of these gifts can be found right here at Anna’s, and we love that they appeal to a variety of interests, because not all dads are alike.

Self Care Package

Don’t let them fool you, dad’s like to get pampered too.  Maybe they don’t make the effort to get to a spa, but a little at home self-care treatment might be just what he needs.  Anna’s carries the Olivina Men’s line that not only comes in simple, modern, manly packaging but is made from natural ingredients.  With manly scents like Bourbon Cedar, Juniper Tonic and Cedar & Bergamot you’re sure to find something to please the special man in your life.  We’ve gathered some of our favourite items like the all-in-one Body Wash, Aluminium Free Deodorant, Shave & Prep Beard Oil and the Restorative Hand Rescue.  We love that this would be great for dad’s of all ages and might be something they might not splurge on for themselves.

Beer & Games

Summer and beer, and dads and beer kind of go hand in hand, I mean who doesn’t enjoy an ice cold beer after you’ve been working hard in the yard, or out on the deck with friends and family.  Summer is a time of socializing, relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors.  For the dad who loves his beer and playing a game or two with friends or family, we’ve put together:

  1. Oversized ceramic mug – Perfect for housing your dad’s favourite brew.
  2. “Drink local” bottle opener – Kingsville and area have a lot to offer when it comes to Craft Beer, so we think adding a bottle or six of something you know your dad loves, or something new for him to try, would be the perfect addition to this gift. 
  3. Campfire Games Tin – Includes 52 waterproof cards, 6 dice, instructions and a score pad and pencil.  A great addition to your dad’s game collection, and perfect to pull out when friends or family are over.  It only involves cards and dice so you know it can’t be that complicated, which is a good thing because we all know dads like to keep things simple.

Chef Dad

Growing up our dad was really good at cooking a handful of things; French fries, omelettes, burgers and wings. Did you know that Anna’s carries a great selection of condiments? Perfect for the dad who loves to be in the kitchen, or who loves to eat! We’re loving the Badass line and have included their Fire Roasted Poblano Pepper & Lime Salsa, great as an appetizer with some nacho chips or added to your fajitas, nachos and so much more. We also added in the Badass Hot Wing Toss Sauce. This sauce makes wing prep and making simple, easy and delicious! We also added a bottle of No Joke Hot Sauce, because what man doesn’t like a good hot sauce to add to anything and everything? This sauce is made with ghost peppers and has a heat index of 5, so have your glass of milk handy!

I’m sure you’ve asked your dad what he wants for Father’s Day, and I’m sure you’ve all gotten the same answer, “Nothing” or “Surprise me”. We know these holidays aren’t just about gifts, but showing your dad that you took the time to thoughtfully select something you think he would love will mean more to him than you know. This year we encourage you to focus on spending time together and starting a tradition you can all look forward to, and if your dad loves to garden make sure you bring him to Anna’s so he can pick out some new plants.

We can’t wait to show dad some extra love and appreciation this Father’s Day!

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