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A Heartfelt Holiday

A Heartfelt Holiday

Felted Garland $19.99 | 6' Knit Table Runner $39.99

Nothing beats the excitement and anticipation of Christmas. When we were children, we looked forward to driving at night to see all the coloured lights illuminating the sky, to catching candy at the Santa Claus parade, but mostly to gather at the tree Christmas morning. To finding overstuffed stockings and mountains of presents. As adults, the excitement is equally strong, but the focus is shifted. We no longer crave new toys, but rather relish in the celebrations of years gone by. Instead of collecting hockey cards or dolls, we collect memories and moments.

This is what makes the holidays so special for us. Unboxing treasured childhood ornaments, the smell of balsam fir, drooling over Grandma’s famous pie recipe. I believe many of us have a lifetime of cherished Christmas memories that all come flooding back as we bring out the Christmas decorations. 

Earth angel candle $19.99 | 4” Gaultheria $9.99 | Wooden bead garland $9.99

Decorating the store at Anna’s has truly been a dream. And, I’m not going to lie, decorating the trees there is much easier than at home. When you have an abundance of ornaments and picks in every colour at your disposal, it is impossible to create anything less than beautiful. My tree at home is another story. We have everything from a Christmas pickle & notes from the children to the most stunning Father Christmas I have ever seen. 

Pinecone spray $5.99

It is far from the designer trees at Anna’s. But it has heart. So much history is in our tree, some ornaments dating back to the 1940s and several of the adornments have been passed along from many different households.

Pinecone spray $5.99

Making all that look cohesive on one tree can seem like an impossible feat, but really, it’s quite simple! I find the best place to start is aligning the colours in the repeating items. For example, I’ve chosen gold and burlap ribbon, therefore I went with balls in a similar colour scheme, most of them are shades of white, gold and silver. All neutral, and my pops of colour come from the array of crazy ornaments! If you want a more traditional or brighter tree, swap the neutral tones for a colour. But I do recommend keeping the colour of your most reoccurring items unified.

Wooden bead garland $9.99

And that’s not to say that all meaningful ornaments need to be old or handed down. We can equally place sentiment into something new. Anna’s has carefully curated many ornaments, signs and figurines that can add so much significance to your home.

Merry Christmas ornament $9.99 | Wooden bead garland $7.99

If something calls out to you, or you see a decoration and it reminds you of a loved one or cherished moment,  that can just as easily be a meaningful accent. You don’t have to be a hoarder like me to have sentimental Christmas decorations!

85” Pom Pom garland $19.99 | Red berry spray $5.99 | Pine spray $7.99 | Tin vase $49.99

If you want to remember a loved one who has passed, they have a huge array of cardinals, angels and wings.

Cardinal ornament $14.99

Or if you are looking for something that may bring you back to a time in your youth, there are plenty of classic snowmen, Santas and vintage tins.

Pajama Santa $39.99

Vintage truck ornament $14.99

If you have little ones at home or visiting, it would be so fun to make your house a whimsical winter wonderland by incorporating some gnomes into your décor. After all, it’s not all about our own memories, we are also creating the nostalgia that our children will one day feel.

Assorted gnomes - prices vary

Perhaps your children or loved ones can’t be with you this holiday season, it might be nice to have a reminder that they are there in spirit. 

Sign $29.99

I realize I’ve put a substantial amount of importance on the sentiment behind Christmas, but, sometimes, I also just love pretty things! And there’s nothing wrong with simply decorating with items that make you happy! I AM normally not a glitzy type of person, but at Christmas, I like to take the opportunity to switch things up and indulge in a more glamorous style. Bring on the silver and gold!

Gold wreath $79.99 | Glitzy Trees (biggest to smallest) $99.99, $39.99, $24.99 | Snowflake serving tray $49.99

However you choose to decorate your home for the holidays, my hope is that it warms your heart.

Fur stockings $39.99

After all, that is what the holidays are all about.

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