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Yucca Cane

Yucca Cane

With the grey gloom of Winter lasting what seems like forever this year, adding a little life to your space can work wonders on your mood. The exotic Yucca Cane is the perfect drought-tolerant, slow-growing, pest-resistant houseplant to bring a touch of the tropics home.

Characterized by its clusters of narrow-pointed leaves- its spikes elude to a plant you would have encountered in pre-historic times. Native to the hot, dry parts of North America and the Caribbean, Yucca’s are grown on canes or large wood trunks and can mature to be a tall, bold focal point for any style of home.

When the top two inches of your Yucca Cane begins to dry, it’s time for a thorough watering. Ensure proper drainage and remove excess water after each time you water your plant. When placed in high light conditions your plant will require more water, and when placed in low light conditions your Yucca Cane will grow slower and need less water.

If your home tends to be on the drier side, it’s normal for the tips of the leaves to slightly brown. Use scissors to trim the ends of the leaves to keep the plant looking lush, this will cause no harm to the leaves. To enhance the moisture levels in your home, add a small humidifier with water near your plant. For optimal growth add an all-purpose houseplant fertilizer to your Yucca Cane twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Summer.

Incorporate this low-maintenance, touch of liveliness to any space – the striking Yucca Cane!

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