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Welcoming Fresh Spring Air & Our New Blogger

Welcoming Fresh Spring Air & Our New Blogger

Renee’s Organic garden seeds- $2.99 | 5 Pack Jiffy pot strip- $4.99 | Lambert’s potting mix- $4.99

Well, Christmas decorations are all packed away, Valentine’s day has come and gone and Easter is well on its way. This can only mean one thing, spring Is just around the corner! Though I’m so thankful for all this winter has provided my family, there’s nothing that beats that first breath of warm spring air. 

Does anyone else feel like this year has gone by SOO fast! My family made it our number one goal to make the best of the situation and found so many fun things to do to fill all the chilly days stuck at home. Most of our days were spent bright and early learning new recipes and looking up fun crafts that we could do with things we found around the house. In the afternoon we would tend to our two chickens. Bring them some veggie scraps and collect the eggs, then wrap up the night cuddled up under the same blanket watching movies until our eyes got heavy. If there’s one thing I’m thankful for this year, it’s all the quality time I got to spend to get to know my family.

PopCorners chips- $2.99 (in-store) | Boho rug- $49.99

Children finger puppets- $29.99 (In-store)

After a two-month break, I finally got to come back to Anna’s and get a personal look at everything we have in store for you. For a few years now, I have been the primary merchandiser at Anna’s so I get the first look at all the exciting new merchandise, and oh boy, you will not be disappointed! Our team spent months browsing upcoming trends and exciting new brands and we cannot wait to share everything with you. 

I love my bed lumbar pillow- $39.99

Crossroads candle, vanilla hazelnut (16oz) -$19.99 Gold watering can- $14.99 |Shamrock plant- $ varies | 6″ Clay planter- $19.99 (in-store)

Though there are still so many boxes to be opened, I can already tell that the selection this year is going to be so refreshing after such a long break being at home. Let’s face it, we have all been inside, staring at the same walls wondering how we can spruce up our homes. Whether it be a new plant baby or a piece of art that makes you smile, right now I feel like we all have the best excuse for making a trip out with some girlfriends to wander the greenhouse aisles and find your perfect piece. I know personally, I tend to be more minimal and really don’t need much. However, finding the time to myself to browse and admire all the growth and beauty that Anna’s brings to their community instantly takes away any gloominess I may be feeling and replaces it with a refreshing calm. 

My guess is if you’ve followed along this far, we have a lot in common already. Hi, I’m Suzanne! But we may have already met. Whether it be guiding you through a planter workshop or helping you find that perfect throw pillow, chances are our paths have crossed before. I’m a young mama to two busy boys and one on the way. I often explain my life as beautiful chaos that I wouldn’t want any other way. I find my calm when I’m walking the aisles of the greenhouses, surrounded by so much beauty and growth. The team really is an extension of my family. We recently bought a 1970’s side split that still had the original green shag carpets and popcorn ceilings and we are slowly chipping away at making it into our perfect home. I feel so blessed to have Anna’s by my side to not only provide me with something beautiful to walk into when life starts to feel hectic but also the amazing selection of home décor, plants, and wellness products.

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