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We the Wild | Organic Plant Care

We the Wild | Organic Plant Care

Plant lovers unite! We are thrilled to share our latest plant care discovery - We the Wild. Made in USA of 100% organic ingredients and backed by science, their fertilizers and sprays help houseplants thrive all year round! They make plant care simple, effective and earth-friendly! 

Standard fertilizer

+ Chemical ingredients
+ Made with sulphuric acid & petroleum
+ 0 active microbes
+ Can burn roots

    We the Wild products

    + 100% organic ingredients
    + Made by earthworms
    + Up to 500 million microbes per tsp
    + Simple to use
    + Safe for all plants

      Kickstart your plants' natural function

      Plants weren’t made to live in pots – and that's often why they get a bit down on us. To make it worse, we tend to use products that actually hinder our plants and harm the environment. Plastic-coated fertilizer granules. Synthetic, ammonia based plant food. Petrol-based pesticides. Not anymore! We the Wilds' formulas are squeaky clean and designed to get plants humming on their own. It’s simple; by replicating mother nature, we’re working with the natural instinct of our plants, not against them.

      Loads of organic good stuff in every pack:

      + Rainwater
      + Fulvic Acid
      + Poultry Litter
      + Worm Castings 
      + Alfalfa
      + Butcher's Waste
      + Fish Aminos
      + Tree Clippings
      + Humic Acid
      + Kelp
      + Guano

        Scientifically tested

        From home trials, to lab based experiments, their team has donned the white coat and worked with some of the brightest biochemists to build products that work better for your plants, and the environment. 

        We the Wild Products we offer at Anna's: 

        • Grow Concentrate: Designed for fast absorption and packed with a complex mix of microbes for vigorous growth. Suitable for all plants throughout the whole year!
        • Protect Spray with Neem: Shine and protect your leaves with our unique formulation of Australian-inspired ingredients + an effective dose of Neem Oil. It's great for organic gardening, year round, and helps remedy the environmental stressors that make plants struggle. 
        • Enrich Powder: Strong roots = a resilient houseplant! Over time, the beneficial fungi spring to action, enriching soil and building stronger, more resilient roots. Your houseplants will enjoy improved nutrition and less abiotic stress. 
        • Essential Plant Care Kit: Want your plants to thrive without the guesswork? Our 3 Essentials give you the A-B-C of plant care; vigorous, shiny leaves and strong, resilient roots. Includes: Grow Concentrate, Protect Spray, and Enrich Powder

        Information/Copy Source: We The Wild

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