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Warm Winter Spaces

Warm Winter Spaces

This season, when most of our days are spent hibernating indoors, I am really striving to create thoughtful cozy places in my home.  Areas to take pause. To open a book or a journal. Areas to slow down and be present. The goal is to live a life with intent rather than from habit.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our responsibilities and to miss the moments. To be so absorbed by our screens that we overlook all of the living that is going on around us. Right now. The tenderness in a dad’s eyes when his daughter is telling a story; the kind of belly laugh that comes from a child when they succeed in a prank; the way an old dog rests her chin on your leg. Simple moments, that could easily be missed – the cumulation of which, are everything.

I don’t know if its something that comes with age, or the excitement of a new house, but lately it seems I’m looking at my home through a new lens. I’ve always enjoyed design and have strived to make my home beautiful. But it should be more than that, shouldn’t it? Our homes are our sanctuary. Yes, I always have an ongoing list of tasks. But I really don’t want that to get in the way of living. I want to enjoy this haven that we’re creating without wishing it away. I want to soak up every bit of happiness this family brings me. I may be wrong, but it just feels like by doing less, I will be living more fully.

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So, as I unpack and find places for all of our belongings, I am trying hard to be intentional with the spaces I’m creating. These spaces will be the backdrop of our lives. They are the places that memories will be made. They don’t have to look perfect, they have to feel right.

Often something so simple as a scent can trigger old memories. I want to fill my house with distinct smells each season, so as we get older, perhaps we are brought back to a moment in time here. A happy time that we all look back on with affection.

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I’m striving for a living room that is inviting, where we can all snuggle up and watch a movie together; a kitchen where the kids can help themselves to a snack and gain independence; a warm & cozy dining room where we can gather to play games. And I want a sanctuary just for me.

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A place filled with beautiful things that bring me joy. A place where I can put my feet up at the end of a long day and breathe.

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A place for me to sit and reflect. To give thanks for the life I’m creating. And to pay tribute to the ones I love. To give time and thought to all these moments in hopes that they will plant roots in my mind for a lifetime. 


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If ever there is a time to practice being present, let it be in the winter. The gratitude it brings will warm our hearts and bring light during these dark, slow months.


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