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Suncredible & Sunfinity Sunflowers

Suncredible & Sunfinity Sunflowers

The timeless face of a sunflower is something that will forever bring joy to our days. Brings us back to summertime memories when the days are long and the air is warm - and we somehow feel just a little more carefree!

One thing we find fascinating about Sunflowers is that they display a behaviour called heliotropism. Where the flower buds and young blossoms will face east in the morning and follow the sun as the earth moves during the day- solar tracking!

Native to North America, sunflowers were cultivated as far back as 3000 BCE, when they were developed for food, medicine, dye, and oil. Plus, they have a history of healing, in Mexico, the flowers were thought to soothe chest pain. Native American tribes agreed with the plant’s curing properties, The Cherokee utilized an infusion of sunflower leaves to treat kidneys while the Dakota brought it out to soothe chest pain and pulmonary troubles.

This week we're excited to introduce you to two new blooming faces right here at the greenhouse - Suncredible and Sunfinity Sunflowers!

Suncredible® Yellow Sunflowers

This everblooming sunflower is built on a well-branched bush-like habit that is perfect for the back of the bed, as an annual screen or along a fence. The blooms are about 4” across and do not need to be deadheaded to continue blooming, but can be groomed for tidiness, and also makes a great cut flower. This plant blooms several weeks longer than similar sunflowers due to its semi-indeterminate to determinate habit. Great for pollinators and will pump blooms all season and well into the fall for a great seasonal pop of colour. 

Suncredible Sunflower Care:

Plant Type: Annual

Light: Full Sun 

Bloom Time: Planting to Hard Frost

Attracts: Bees & Butterflies | Resists: Deer

Maintenance: Easy

Soil: Great in average and rich soils, but also capable of growing in poorer soils and tolerant of dry conditions once established. 

Fertilizer: A controlled-release fertilizer application at the time of planting should be sufficient for the summer, however, a second application of controlled-release fertilizer applied in mid-summer should increase bloom number and keep the plant producing longer. 

Hardiness Zones: 9a - 11b

Growth: 24-36" H | 20-32" W 

Sunfinity Sunflowers

Now there is no need to replace your sunflower plants over and over to enjoy their sunny disposition all summer long because Sunfinity boasts continuous growth and blooming all season long! Sunfinity keeps on growing long after traditional single-stem sunflowers have bloomed and died. Throughout the season, you can cut Sunfinity sunflower stems and bring them into your home to enjoy. They leave no messy pollen on your tables and will keep for 7 days or more in tap water.

Nearly a decade of effort has led to Sunfinity, the sunflower that revolutionizes the home garden experience. Sunfinity started with a desire to give the home gardener a more colourful, longer-lasting sunflower. Traditional sunflowers are either small potted plants or cut flowers with only one stem, a single flower head, and blooms lasting for only 7–10 days. Sunfinity was cultivated to have many stems with a multitude of blooms and season-long performance, making it truly unique and different from every other sunflower.

To achieve these unique characteristics, we took the best attributes of two species and created what plant breeders call an interspecific hybrid. Delivering:

  • Continuous blooms all season long - over 100 blooms on one plant during the whole season
  • A great cut flower - enjoy flowers inside your home, all while your outdoor plant keeps blooming
  • Versatile - plant in garden beds or patio containers

Sunfinity Sunflower Care:

Plant Type: Annual

Light: Full Sun 

Bloom Time: Summer

Water: Water your Sunfinity often to avoid wilting leaves - Add enough water to wet the entire root area 

Soil: Organic-rich, well-drained soil.

Fertilizer: Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly.

Maintenance: Deadheading and pruning not required

Hardiness Zones: 11-12

Growth: 3-4' H | 2-3' W 


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