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Stunning Winter Greens & DIY Arrangements that will 'Wow' Your Guests

Stunning Winter Greens & DIY Arrangements that will 'Wow' Your Guests

14" Planter $99.99LED Gold light up presents $29.99 & $59.99

Winter planters and arrangements are a wonderful way to bring sophistication to our front porches throughout the colder seasons. As the leaves fall, and the landscape tends to get a little dreary, adding a splash of greenery, colour, and that wonderful evergreen smell to our entries is a great way to add natural seasonal beauty. I like to get started on mine nice and early while the weather is still pleasant and I can enjoy making them outside.

Of course, if you prefer not to get your hands dirty, Anna’s has the most incredible selection of premade planters, wreaths, swags, garlands, and hanging baskets at the garden center! The design & production team has done an incredible job of creating the most gorgeous arrangements.

Custom wreath - prices vary

Custom planter - prices vary

The store always looks like a scene from a Hallmark movie this time of year, but I feel like they did an especially great job this year. They have really worked hard to create some original pieces that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Decorative basket $49.99

I prefer to get to my porch decorating nice and early, before the snow and cold weather make the job all the more difficult. Today’s forecast is looking like sun and a high of 10 degrees, let’s get to it!

Magnolia bundle $14.99

I’ve made plenty of planters before, and if you’d like step by step instructions, you can find them at the link here:

This year the store has some beautiful tree shaped frames, so I picked up some aqua foam and am going to try my hand at making something new! Anna’s carries all the greenery and accessories needed to make any kind of winter arrangement you could possibly dream up! A stroll through the shop is sure to get your creative juices flowing! So, grab a hot chocolate and a friend, and come gather some inspiration!

Let me premise by saying, I am by no means a professional. This is the first time I have made something like this, so don’t let inexperience deter you from trying something new! When buying bundles of greens to fill your planters, there is often lots leftover. Small and impactful arrangements are a wonderful way to make good use of them!

This tree frame is quite shallow, so I picked up a brick of aqua foam to stabilize my branch pieces, and to keep everything moist and looking fresh! When using aqua foam, it is important to soak it in water for ½ an hour to an hour beforehand. I decided to ere on the side of caution and line the vessel with plastic to prevent rust.

30" Gold 3D tree planter $49.99 | Aqua foam $1.99

From there, I simply cut my trimmings and inserted them in accordance with the shape I wanted the arrangement to take. Be sure to strip about an inch and half up the stem so it sticks into the foam tighter. I created a skirt with my greens by inserting them horizontally along the sides of the foam. Then I simply took turns layering different greenery - pine, cedar, fir, magnolia…use whatever you have on hand, whether purchased, or foraged! I used cedar to start, and I inserted the pieces upside down so they would hang downward, spilling out of the vessel.

Aqua foam $1.99 | BC Cedar bundle $12.99

After creating a shape I was happy with, I added in some accessories. This year I am going back to the classic feel with red accents. Berries, pinecones, balls, and bows are all great ways to fill in any sparse areas.

If you take a stroll down the center aisle at the shop, you will find an array of accessories in any colour you can imagine. These are so affordable and can be reused year after year.

Assorted picks - prices vary | Mesh bows $4.99

This little project took no time at all and adds a little something extra to my front porch. I love the way it turned out! If you are looking to spruce up your entry for the season, the garden center has supplies for every level of project. From bundles of greens to DIY, basic already assembled planters that you can accessorize yourself, to fully premade planters and arrangements – we’ve got it all!

25' fresh garland $34.99 | Sugarcone mistletoe $59.99 | 14" fresh Wreath with eu alyptus $69.99 | Natural fiber snowflake doormat $39.99

With far less effort than you would actually imagine, my porch is completely transformed! Look at this incredible before and after!

25' fresh garland $34.99 | Sugarcone mistletoe $59.99 | 14" fresh Wreath with eu alyptus $69.99 | Natural fiber snowflake doormat $39.99

If you haven't already, I highly recommend busting out the winter greens! This was such a feel good project! And it will contiue to make my heart happy for weeks to come! 

We look forward to hearing about your projects! And if you ever need advice, you know where to find us!

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