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Warm Winter Greetings

Warm Winter Greetings

Mixed Juniper Artificial Wreath $99.99 | Bell Hanger $19.99 | Doormat Peace & Joy $39.99

Well, I think we can all agree that it officially feels like winter. With the temperature dropping and snow in the forecast, it seems it’s time to finally switch out the autumn planters and spruce up the front porch.

If you’ve driven past Anna’s in the last few days, you have likely seen how absolutely beautiful the outdoor space is. Strewn with fresh garland, hanging baskets and festive planters. It looks like a scene straight out of a catalogue. 

Winter Patio Pots (Sizes & Prices Vary)  | Wreahts & Garland (Sizes & Prices Vary) 

Working there every day is so magical, and at the end of my shift, I shamefully come home to my bare and undecorated abode. I just hate that in-between time when the Halloween decorations come down, but Christmas décor isn’t up yet! So today is the day I begin to decorate the outside. And I’ll take you along for the process.

Switching out seasonal planters is a simple and very effective way to update your porch. The staff at Anna’s have all done an incredible job creating a huge selection of the most gorgeous seasonal planter pots! They have various sizes available and so many different colours and styles of embellishments to choose from. If you’re looking for something ready-made to accompany your décor style, I highly recommend taking a drive to Anna’s to choose from their vast collection.

Winter Patio Pots (Sizes & Prices Vary) 

If you’re feeling crafty, like me, they have an array of options for you. The first is in-store workshops, which they host every year. Where you and your friends can book a time to come in and create your own planter. This is nice because you have access to a professional to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. You also have the store at your disposal. You are able to walk down the crafter’s aisle and choose from the huge variety of bows and picks to accessorize with. Not to mention, you will learn a skill that can be utilized every year! And an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess!

The second and new option is an in-home workshop. You will be given the pot, soil, greenery and all the accessories of your choice along with a guided step-by-step instructional video. I just love this! Make something beautiful & in the comfort of your home. Perhaps have a few friends join in and make an evening of it with some snacks and warm beverages! What a fun and creative way to bring on the holiday spirit!

DIY Winter Workshops (Prices Vary) 

The last option is to buy the greenery, etc. and try your hand at making your own planter! Completely independent of instructions, this will be 100% your own creation. If you’ve saved your embellishments from last year, this can also be a cost-effective way to enhance your outdoor space. This is the route I’m taking this year. I started by selecting my greens. The scent alone is worth the drive! It instantly transports me to memories from my childhood of being at the tree farm with Dad. I went with bundles of Ontario greens (Frasier fir & pine), magnolia, and boxwood. 

Ontario Greens Bundle $14.99

Magnolia Bundle $14.99  | Boxwood/Oregonia Bundles $14.99

From there, I took a stroll down the assembly aisle. It was so difficult to decide on a colour! I must have walked the aisle four times over before finally deciding on a neutral gold and white pallet. There is a plethora of bows to choose from and a huge assortment of picks. Everything from cardinals, snowflakes and sleighs to pinecones, balls and stars.  

When building your planter, the general idea is to keep your center the highest point and have the greenery fall into a triangle shape. I like to keep the sturdy fir in the back and bottom of the skirt for support, then fill it in with the cascading pine.

Ontario Greens Bundle $14.99

After that, I chose to add some extra depth and interest to it with magnolia and boxwood leaves. This is when it really begins to come together.

Ontario Greens Bundle $14.99 |  Magnolia Bundle $14.99  | Boxwood/Oregonia Bundles $14.99 

Lastly add your birch posts, glittery sticks, pinecones and bow and Voila! A beautiful planter to sit proudly on your porch. One that will last through the season with minimal maintenance and add a huge presence to your front entry.

Mesh Bow - Made in Store $4.99 | Magnolia Bundle $14.99  | Boxwood/Oregonia Bundles $14.99 | Gold Pine Cones $1.99 ea | Snowflake Embellishment $7.99 | Glittery Sticks $1.49 ea. 

Planters are a sure way to add a big impact to the exterior of your home. I also swapped out my doormat and added in a wreath. I just couldn’t resist buying something new from the wonderful selection at the shop.

Doormat Peace & Joy $39.99

Mixed Juniper Artificial Wreath $99.99 | Bell Hanger $19.99 

Now we can feel the excitement of the season every time we pull up the driveway!


    Posted by Jan Young on

    I was there on Thursday and purchased one of your planters. The selection was amazing! I put it out as soon as I arrived home and my neighbor complemented me on how beautiful it was. Keep up the great work!

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