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Starfish Cactus

Starfish Cactus

Stapelia Grandiflora or Starfish Cacti, are stunning plants native to South Africa – recognized by their unique smell and giant 5-petal flowers. With soft-stemmed spineless growth that spreads from a central point, many are surprised to discover that Starfish cacti are in fact members of the succulent family.

Starfish flowers can bloom to be red, beige or brown, producing an unpleasant odour of dead organic matter intended to attract flies and insects. Also referred to as a carrion flower, this plant can help with fruit fly infestations and act as a fly trap when you’re trying to host an outdoor dinner party!

Intended to grow as a houseplant in the cooler months of the year, you can move this plant outdoors to soak up the heat of summer. A plant that is considered easy to care for and semi-drought tolerant – your family and friends will most definitely take notice of their shocking big blooms!


Light: Bright, indirect sunlight

Water: Allow the plant to dry between watering. Water sparingly at all times & very little during Winter. 

Fertilizer: Light, airy, well-drained soil. Does not require fertilizer, but the potting mix should contain natural, organic matter. It should not be too acidic. 

Maintenance: No need for regular pruning. Just remove any dead or unsightly stems. Remove flowers when they stop blooming. They prefer crowded root.

Growth: 8″ tall / 8-13″ wide

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    Beautiful love the Starfish Cactus

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