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Spring Collection: Pillows + Throws

Spring Collection: Pillows + Throws

It's official, Spring has arrived and after what feels like a long dark winter around here we are ready to bring in the vibrant colours and happy blooms in as many corners of our home as we can!

This year at Anna's we brought more of a focus on creating inviting spaces both inside and outside of our home. We want to help you create a happy place to come home to and share with family and friends.

In our eyes, creating a carefully curated space has a lot of elements to truly make it cozy and this week we're going to focus on the textiles of those spaces. One of our favourite textural elements, Anna's Collection of pillows and throws!

Every space we create takes on a personality of its own - from the colours we choose to the textures we incorporate. Think of some of your favourite places or people, there will be a reoccurring feeling that they all evoke, colours come to mind, patterns even - and we can recreate those emotions in our spaces!

We bet if you looked around your home right now, at the textiles you have chosen you will be able to identify what it was that made you add it to your space. Maybe it's pillows that remind you of the magical golden hour of summer, or the weave of your blanket reminds you of your grandmother's sweater, a shape or pattern that brings you back to a yoga retreat you did in Costa Rica... whatever it may be...they are all a part of the unique story that makes up you and your space. 

So as we enter this new season, what elements of YOU are you hoping to add to the story of your space? Yes, we know, things aren't supposed to be what bring us joy but sometimes they really can! We're all human, and we all have an appreciation for beauty, and let's be honest, sometimes things like pillows and throws can make us feel closer to a time or place or person and if that brings us joy then we are here for it!

Things to Consider When Choosing Throw Pillows: 

There really are no rules to creating a space because it's an expression of you and what makes you happy but if you're looking for some general guidelines to follow when choosing pillows, here are some things you can consider!

  • Choose a cohesive colour palette: You’re going to get the most impact if all of your pillows are either in the same shade or in a pair of complimentary shades.
  • Aim for a symmetrical arrangement: When you’re layering several different fabrics on top of each other, things can get really busy, really fast. A symmetrical arrangement keeps things feeling orderly and polished.
  • One simple print, one busy print, and one solid:  This is a basic formula that’ll help you narrow down your options. Another way to think about it is — one small print, one big print, one solid. Your busy/large print should be on your largest pillows or the pillow that is front and center, as this print will usually set the tone for not just your pillow arrangement but the rest of your room. 

Outdoor Textiles

To us, creating an inviting space inside is just as important as having a special place to retreat to outside. That's why we've expanded our outdoor textiles collection at Anna's, to make sure there is something for every design style and nature lover alike! Check out our Outdoor collection both online or in-store when you first make your way through the doors. They're weather-resistant and cozy to snuggle up with for that long anticipated summer afternoon nap (with lots of sunscreen on, of course!).

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