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Sparoom Aromatherapy

Sparoom Aromatherapy

The seasons have a way of teaching us about how we should pace our lives… the sunshine and warm air of summer begs for movement, inviting us to get outside and soak up all the goodness that has flourished. While winter forces us to slow down- whether it’s our drive into work or taking the time to layer up before our routine morning walks. 

No matter the season, there is always an element that we wish we could bottle up and re-visit to remind ourselves of just how magical nature truly is.  Sparoom® is a brand that we love because they allow us to do just that by adding elements of natural aromatherapy to our home. Helping to improve our overall wellbeing by enriching our mind, body, and home!  

Specializing in diffusers, essential oils, and our favourite, their room/linen sprays! sparoom® offers scents that help us to not only relax but also take us to another time and place. Mimicking memories of fresh summer air or a tropical vacation – something we can only dream about right now!

Sparoom® diffusers allow you to stimulate your mind and body while enjoying natural fragrances and adding style to your space. We carry a unique variety of their diffusers offering numerous models based on the features and look you need.

We also find comfort in knowing that every Sparoom® essential oil is globally sourced 100% Pure and Natural. They believe in using only the highest-grade, therapeutic essential oils and each batch is third-party GC/MS tested for purity and composition.

We hope you will enjoy their natural fragrances & the therapeutic benefits of Sparoom® aromatherapy in a variety of ways!

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