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Peace Lily

Peace Lily

If country chic or modern is your style then the Peace Lily is your perfect houseplant match. This plant compliments a bright and modern home that can use a touch of green freshness. The delicate white, calla-like flowers of the Peace Lily stand out against the bold, deep green foliage, creating a stunning contrast.

Peace Lilies have the superpower of cleaning the air in your house by filtering indoor pollutants! They’re the perfect plant to purify your living room, or to create crisp air in your bedrooms, helping your family get a more restful sleep. When you have a Peace Lily in your home, expect toxins like ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene to be reduced!

The soil of your Peace Lily should be kept evenly moist, but not too soggy. If you notice the leaves of the plant start to wilt, this is a cry for help, as the soil of the plant is likely too dry. Water your plant until the soil is moist to the touch. Place your Peace Lily in a bright window to get the most blooms as possible, they can survive in lower light areas but your plant may bloom less, if at all. Use an all-purpose houseplant fertilizer on your Peace lily twice a year, or fertilize more frequently if you desire more blooms and to speed up growing times.

Add a large Peace Lily to a corner of your home, or place a smaller plant to a tabletop to create texture within your space. Feel confident in the air you breathe all while welcoming a touch of green into your living area!

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