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Soak it up with a Nourishing Herbal Bath

Soak it up with a Nourishing Herbal Bath

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I absolutely love drawing a bath and soaking in the tub at the end of a long day. Being submerged in the warm water helps to soothe all my aches and pains, and it really forces me to connect with my body and mind. 

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I’ve recently been turned on to the practice of healing herbal baths. This brings the entire experience to a whole new level, and I’ve got to say, I don’t see myself ever going back to a regular bath! If you’re a bath lover, like me, I highly suggest you give this a try.
I begin by setting a nice relaxing atmosphere. I like to keep plants in the bathroom (and every room in my house, for that matter). Ferns and Calathea’s fair particularly well in
bathrooms as they thrive in humidity and low light.

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Personally, when I soak in an herbal bath, I like to take the time to really listen to my body. I keep the lights low and illuminate the room with candlelight. I practice some deep breathing exercises and clear my mind from all the clutter. As I’m writing this, it sounds so dreamy, I’m realizing I really need to take advantage of my evenings and do this more often!

Herbal baths have been around for centuries. And while we don’t necessarily use baths to heal these days, hundreds of years ago, most major empires used this therapeutic practice to restore & to mend their bodies. 

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Herbs are powerful and have restorative and healing properties when their essential oils are submerged into hot water. Many herbs offer medicinal, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. The rule of thumb is, if it’s safe to ingest, it’s safe to use in your bath. And while I used fresh herbs and oils for this bath, dried herbs infused into Epsom salts are wonderful as well.

If you’re curious to give this lavish self care practice a try, these suggestions may help. 
For starters, place your herbs in a bath bag or cheesecloth as to not clog the drain. I don’t have either, so I used a produce bag. It wasn’t glamorous, but it did the trick! I kept mine under the running water to help release the oils. You could also make a fusion by steeping your herbs in boiling water ahead of time, then add the strained, aromatic water to your bath. This time, I used fresh herbs and added in some essential oil to substitute for the ones I was missing. I wish I could capture the scent in a picture…it’s too bad these aren’t scratch and sniff!
Also, you want your bath water to be hot enough to release the oils, but not so hot that it burns your skin. Here is a list of different herbs and their healing properties. To make the experience optimally fragrant, I like to mix 3 or more together, and I usually add equal amounts of each. The recommended amount is 3-4 oz per tub. Also, don't feel you NEED to use fresh herbs, mixing up essential oils into your bath can yield the same results.
  • BASIL - eases stress, relieves muscle spasms and improves skin hydration.

  • CALENDULA - promotes healing of skin abrasions, eczema, sunburn, diaper rash.
  • ELDERFLOWER - firms and smooths skin, and promotes blood circulation.
  • EUCALYPTUS - known for its ability to clear nasal passages. It also relieves joint pain and sore muscles.
  • LAVENDER - aids in relaxation, stress-reducing, uplifting, and eases headaches.
  • PEPPERMINT - is refreshing, relaxes muscles and cramps, is an effective pain reducer, relieves itching, and is a good cold and flu treatment.

  • ROSEMARY - eases muscle pain and tension, and acts as a mild astringent. 

  • SAGE - is stimulating, cleansing, astringent, and has antiseptic properties. 

  • THYME - cleansing, and heals skin abrasions. 

Laying still with no distractions takes some practice. In the beginning I would quickly become bored, or anxious thinking of all the more productive things I could be doing. But, like most things in life practice makes perfect! And I’m aiming for perfection, so looks like there will be more of these in my future 😉.



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    I must try this! You make it sound so wonderful! I’m relaxed just reading this! Thanks!

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