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Seeding Indoors – Let’s Get Growing!

Seeding Indoors – Let’s Get Growing!

Who’s ready to splash in muddy puddles, search for robins and to finally see some new life begin to grow? I know we sure are! And since this early in the year, there isn’t much to be seen growing, we’re going to take matters into our own hands and begin the process by seeding.


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Guys, I am shamefully going to admit that I do not have a green thumb. We plant a small vegetable garden in the backyard every year, But I want more for my gardens this year! We plan to build an additional raised garden bed this year. And I’m going try my hand at seeding. A concept I am very familiar with but have never really taken the time to try. It’s such an affordable way to obtain veggies. Our kids love rummaging through the garden and picking & tasting the vegetables when they’re ripe. It’s proven to be a great way to coax them into trying new, so why not add more!



If seeding is new to you as well, this chart could be useful in helping you decide what and when to plant. 



If you’ve previously seeded, you likely have most of the supplies, but like I said, this is all new to me, so it required a trip to Anna’s. After the initial investment, seeding is a very thrifty way to obtain your garden vegetables. I have planned to take on this project with a friend and we can share and swap seeds/seedlings. Not only that, but we can cheer each other on, and exchange veggies this summer too!


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After you select your seeds, there are a couple more items you will need:

1) A vessel to plant them in. Seeding trays are the easiest way to sow seeds, but peat pellets work well too. A tray with a lid is ideal to keep seeds warm during the winter. You can purchase one, or simply use an empty salad mix container or a bag. If you already have a tray, it is advised that you give it a good wash first.
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2) Seed soil. These mixes are lightweight and ensure that your seeds aren’t waterlogged or too dry)
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3) A grow light (or a bright window to place them by). Although, you won’t need to put them in sunlight until they begin to sprout. Initially, plant your seeds and keep them in a dark & humid place. Inside a bag works well!
4) A misting/spray bottle to keep consistent moisture
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Now you have everything you need to begin growing what will surely become a bountiful garden!
And, from what I've read, it's pretty simple to keep these babies alive. Once your seeds are planted and watered, try to keep them covered if you can until they sprout. Keeping them in a plastic bag works well as it keeps things nice and humid. Once sprouted, remove the cover as they will need the fresh air. Keep the moisture consistent with the sprayer and turn them weekly to help them grow straight. Also, it is important to 'harden' the plants before you transplant them outdoors. This is simply the process of climatizing them to the outside world. After the last frost, begin by setting them outside (in a safe space) for half a day, then gradually leave them out all day. Eventually, moving them to sunnier, windier areas where they will finally acclimatize to your garden conditions. 
It is a little early in the season still, so no need to worry if you haven’t begun your seeding. I am beginning with plants that have a recommended 10-week indoor growing period (celery, onion, leeks & herbs). Then, in April, I will begin my peppers, tomatoes & broccoli. Finishing up in the end of April with my lettuces and cucumbers. If I follow this schedule, these little seedlings should be ready to transplant to the garden for the long weekend in May.
I hope this has helped inspire any other newbies to venture into the world of seeding! And if it hasn’t, you can always come to Anna’s and buy your starter plants in the spring! But, I can tell you, it sure felt good to get our hands dirty again. And watching these babies grow will be a great learning experience for the kids.
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