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Raising Plants

Raising Plants

There is nothing like the excitement of bringing home a new plant! Plants are living things and each plant has different needs. Doing your research will help you decide on a plant that will be a perfect fit for your home, and will help you grow your plant to be healthy and strong. 


Did you know that some plants need different kinds of light? A cactus can handle bright full sun but other plants like a fiddle leaf need indirect light. That means putting them in a sunny window where the sun never actually hits the plant. The afternoon 4 o’clock sun is the hottest and can burn the leaves of a fiddle leaf fig.


When it comes to watering, some plants like to be watered quite often while others, like the snake plant, can sometimes go weeks without being watered. Even though your plant can’t bark or cry it does have a way of talking to you – a plant talks to you through its foliage. Yellowing leaves are a sign that you could be overwatering. For most plants, you will know it’s time to water when the top 2” of soil are dry.

Humidity & Environment 

Some plants don’t mind if your house is dry but other plants like the Audrey ficus or the fiddle fig prefer a more humid environment. 


Plants don’t need just water – sometimes we forget about plant food. Your soil can start to lose nutrients, so it’s a good idea to add some fresh soil or some plant food to give your plant the boost it may need.


It’s a good idea to check over your plant for any dying leaves that have yellowed or turned brown. Pruning will help your plant put more effort into growing other leaves and help the overall health of your plant.


Some plants like the snake plant or ZZ plant can handle being planted right in the planter. But not all plants are the same – other plants like the Audrey ficus, rubber tree, and fiddle leaf fig require drainage to live a long and happy life.


Nobody likes dust including your plants. Dust on your plant blocks its leaves from absorbing sunlight properly. Remember to dust your plants with a damp cloth when you start to see the dust on their foliage.


Always watch for signs that your plant might need to be re-potted – roots showing out the bottom or at the top of the planter are good signs they’ve outgrown their pot!

We have some great care tips on our Anna‘s blog. If you’re having trouble with one of your plants search our blog and see what care it needs!

Fiddle leaf fig-

Audrey Ficus-

ZZ plant-

Raising a plant is easy but we all get so busy with life sometimes it’s hard to remember your plants. I always set a reminder on my phone to give everybody a check-up for good plant health once a week.🌱What’s your favourite plant?

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