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Plant Upgrades

Plant Upgrades

Hosting over the holiday’s is about creating those memories we’ll hold near and dear for years to come.  At the heart of the festivities lies the art of creating a warm and inviting space for our loved ones. This Christmas, we're bringing a touch of nature into your homes, making hosting a breeze and gifting even more delightful.

Our team has been working diligently on perfecting the art of plant upgrades. Why? Because we believe that plants are not just decor; they're living, breathing elements that bring life and positivity to any space – while adding to holiday magic! As you plan to host or contemplate the perfect gift for your holiday host, consider a beautifully adorned plant.

Plants make for an excellent centerpiece, adding a vibrant and refreshing touch to your Christmas spread. Opt for poinsettias with their rich red & pink hues or elegant evergreens that seamlessly blend with the festive ambiance. Not only do they provide a natural focal point, but they also serve as a conversation starter, sparking discussions about the beauty of nature amidst the holiday hustle & bustle.

Even if it's a well-placed fern or the sophistication of a sleek snake plant gracing your dining table, our curated plant upgrades are designed to elevate your hosting experience. 

If you're on the lookout for the perfect hostess gift, our upgraded plants are just that! Consider a stylish succulent arrangement in a decorative pot or a charming terrarium that captures the essence of the season. Not only are you gifting a beautiful piece of nature, but you're also presenting a gesture of care that goes beyond the festivities.

This Christmas, let your hosting be a celebration of not just the season but also of nature's beauty!

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