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Our New Spring Collection

Our New Spring Collection

Some bunny loves you sign $19.99 | Small bunny sign $7.99 | Box of Easter eggs $9.99 | Artificial succulent $5.99

Have you heard the exciting news?!!  That’s right! We’re finally open and we cannot wait to see you! Bring your friends and family and come check out our exciting new collection. We’ve been tirelessly working around the clock to get ready for the big day and it’s finally here! All the shelves are stocked with new and inspiring home décor, wellness products, local produce, and of course aisles and aisles of endless plants and flowers.

Grey lumbar pillow$69.99 | Boho throw blanket $49.99 | Artificial pampas spray 14.99

Over the winter we have done some minor renovations around our house so being welcomed into Anna’s with such a great new selection was just what I needed to put some finishing touches on our renovations. As always, we have sourced some beautiful new textiles sure to add that perfect touch of texture and warmth to any space.  Although the number of pillows on my bed is often a debate between my husband and I, there’s something about a fluffy bed full of pattern and movement that makes laying down after a long day that much more enjoyable.

17″ Boxwood wreath $24.99 | Grey lumbar pillow$69.99 | Boho throw blanket $49.99

With Easter right around the corner, the kids and I have already started thinking of ways to incorporate a little holiday cheer into our space. We’ve started dying eggs and cleaning the yard, adding pussy willow clippings and forsythia to small vases around the house, and burning some of my favourite spring candle scents. Showcasing our chicken’s eggs in pretty bowls on our kitchen island and adding small clusters of easter bunny signs is a cute and easy way to welcome the new season.

Small swan creek candle (mountain berry parfait $12.99) | Swan creek candle (12oz Honey soaked apples) | Pussy willow bundle $7.99

Easter egg garland $14.99 | Eucalyptus garland $59.99 | Pink dyed pampas bundle $19.99

Small cement gnome $9.99 | Large cement gnome $29.99 | Artificial succulent $7.99

Pampas grass has been the perfect filler for all those small corners where I had tabletop Christmas trees before. We have received a huge selection of real and artificial pampas grass in a variety of colours sure to satisfy all your fluffy, boho needs.

Natural pampas bundle $19.99

When sprucing up your home be sure to not only stop there. Remember to take time for yourself. I never realized how much the winter blues affected me until I opened my windows on that first warm day and I could feel all my seasonal blues escaping me. Treat yourself. You made it through this!  Front-line workers, homeschooling parents, small business owners and everyone in between, you are strong and you are worth it. Run a bath, do your makeup, put something on that makes you feel pretty, buy the flowers that make you smile. Do something special for yourself, because you are strong and deserve to feel good. 

Dot and Lil milk bath $24.99 | Dot and Lil milk bath sachet $12.99 | Silver dollar spray $5.99

Scout bracelet $34.99 | Scout earrings $29.99

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