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Mornings Like These

Mornings Like These

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Snuggling up in a warm blanket, drinking a hot cup of bold coffee while the house sleeps. Is there anything better? Some folks are night owls, others are early birds. I am most definitely the latter. I rejoice in the notion of waking up early before the hustle of the day begins.

I wasn't always this way. Waking up early was definitely a learned behaviour. When the kids were younger and wouldn’t sleep in, I would set my alarm for 5:00 – 5:30 just to get some alone time. And to write, of course - in the peace & quiet of a still house, so that I could listen and give meaning to the thoughts in my head. But over time, the cycadean rhythm took hold of me, and alarms are no longer necessary. What a dream!

My morning ritual isn’t anything extraordinary. No fancy lattes, nothing grandiose. But the most special things in life are like that, aren’t they? We can’t always pinpoint where and when the magic happens – it just does. I believe we create our own magic. In life, much like at an illusionists show, the magic is in perception.  We can choose to be critics or believers. Again, I’m the latter. Whether it’s looking out the window to see I’m surrounded by dark houses, completely alone in my vigilance; or watching the sky transition from the magenta greenhouse glow as the sun peaks over the field to show it’s first rays…these mornings are so dear to me.

My favourite thing to do when I first awake is to sit with a coffee and write. This quiet time is when I have the best success at finding my voice. Of course, there are days when words escape me, or I’m simply not in the mood. On those days I take this time to gather inspiration for whatever project I may be scheming up next! (The list is never ending.) Or if I happen to be going through a rough patch, or am having trouble with the kids, or life in general – it is during these early mornings that I self reflect. Problems don’t seem so bad in the light of day. I find it’s easier to be proactive in the morning than at night. Either way, this time is dedicated to me.

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After I’ve cleared my head, or if it’s nearing the family’s wake up time, I enjoy a simple breakfast of granola with yogurt and fresh berries.

It’s the same every day. I am a creature of habit, that’s for sure. But, the creamy yogurt, mixed with the crunchy, sweet, granola and tart berries – it’s delicious, something I never seem to grow tired of!

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With a clear head and a full belly, I’m nearly ready to start my day. To transition from the calm to the chaos, a splash of cold water and a facewash does wonders! For me, the COLD water is key. It is just what I need to energize and jump start the day!

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I have very dry and sensitive skin and am very particular with what I put on it. I have to say, the Midnight Paloma cleansing balm is so good! It is effective for removing makeup and it cleanses without stripping away good oils. Plus, it smells so good! I use it combined with this little soap cloth from Anna’s. I’m certain that it’s meant to go over a bar of soap. But I use it as a mitt. It has just enough texture to mildly exfoliate without being too abrasive. I never used to give a lot of thought to moisturizing, but I’ve reached an age where wrinkles are real. Sadly, that natural elasticity just isn’t what it used to be. Therefore, slathering on moisturizer is another action I prioritize religiously, each and every morning. If I can, I try not to rush through it. Massage it in and add in a little stretch, giving thanks for my body and good health. After all, if we can’t take a few minutes to give appreciation to ourselves, and to enjoy the process, what’s the point of it all?

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By the time I’ve done all of this, the kids are usually awake. I’d love to glamorize the rest of my morning…but anyone with kids knows, the daily struggle to get a household ready for work/school can go from 0 -100 at any moment! But I will say - we ALWAYS start our day with a big hug and a storytelling of any dreams we’ve had. And I figure, I’ve made time for me, I will certainly do the same for the kids. Each morning, after they are dressed for the day, we get silly and do something just for them. We always make time for a little dance party to their favourite songs and try to squeeze in a game of Simon Says or Monkey in the Middle before we head out the door.

Life certainly is good! 

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