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Mangiacotti Hand Sanitizer

Mangiacotti Hand Sanitizer

Now that the warm weather is rolling around, and we can hopefully put away our hats and mittens for the year, protect yourself from germs and viruses with one of our Mangiacotti Hand Sanitizer Sprays.

Beautifully made in North America, these plant-based sanitizers are naturally fragranced with essentials oils and are never tested on animals. Alcohol- free, these sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs and will protect you for up to 4 hours. Choose from a variety of fragrances including Clementine, Jasmine Plum, Lavender, Lemon Verbena and Ocean.

Although these sprays were intended for your hands, they are also great for sanitizing your yoga mat, in-flight tray table or handling your grocery cart. Or perhaps you have a little one who is so excited that they can finally run around on the playground equipment, avoid cold and flu germs from spreading in your home, with a spray in each palm and a simple rub!

What was it about Mangiacotti that had us convinced you would love them? Outside of their beautiful products and aromas, we adore that they stand by inspiring people to see the good in all citizens. Michele, the owner, and “see the good” founder, understands the value of seeing all people as equal, and that is why all Mangiacotti products are finished by those with disabilities. Growing up with an Aunt who had a disability, Michele saw that a great deal of her happiness and self-confidence came from holding a job, this is when she knew she wanted to be able to offer the same accessibility within her company to hopefully give people a sense of pride and independence in a world where it is often hard to come by.

Add this travel-sized hand sanitizer to your purse essential list, guaranteed to moisturize while conveniently drying instantly and containing over 100 sprays per bottle. What scent will you choose?

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