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Little things to make every day a good one!

Little things to make every day a good one!

There are so many fun, creative ways you can make today a great one! Do you remember the days when you were young and you used to look forward to getting mail? Reinvigorate the mail opening experience for someone you care for by sending a handwritten card. There’s nothing more special than getting a handwritten letter from someone you love this summer. It’s a wonderful act of kindness that can brighten someone’s day.

The world has slowed down so much these past six months, take time to pamper yourself with a beautifully scented candle or one of our FHF amazing mud masks. Sometimes giving yourself a little me-time is the little midweek pick me up that will get you through till Friday. 

If I were to write all the reasons that I AM grateful on a little piece of paper they would fill up an entire room. Tell someone you love that you are grateful for them and how much they mean to you. Leave flowers on their doorstep or a kind card so they know how much you care.

It is the little things that often touch our hearts the most❤️.


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    I love the line FHF! I always go to Anna’s when I run out! Thanks for carrying this brand Anna! 😊

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