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How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Now that we’re into the fall season and heading into colder weather, I’m all about the cozy clothing, boots, scarves and sweaters!  When it comes to being at home, I want my house to feel as cozy as my outfits. Here are a few tips that can make your home feel warmer without you having to turning up the heat just yet.


Rugs play such an important role in the coziness of your home!  They are the first thing people see when they come to your front door – adding an entrance rug and a wreath from Anna’s to your front porch sets the whole mood for your guests.  A decked out front porch can instantly make your home feel inviting and relaxed.


There is nothing like a mug full of coffee, tea or hot chocolate just to warm your bones on a cold fall day.  Just holding the warm mug will make you feel cozy inside and out.


Candles and essential oils provide a fragrant ambiance for your home. Not only do candles offer a beautiful luminescent glow, but candles and essential oils add a seasonal aroma that can promote calm and relaxation.


Adding plants to your home not only helps bring life to your home, but that touch of green and the soft shapes of leaves help to create a warm, inviting space. Also, have you met Audrey? She is the latest stunning lady we are carrying right now at Anna’s! Just adding here beside my couch changes the mood of the whole room, and she is a showstopper! She offers a commanding yet delicate presence and is the perfect accessory for any room. Make sure to get yours before they’re gone!


Blankets are the essence of coziness! Not only do they make the perfect addition to style your couches and chairs,  but there’s something about a textured blanket on a beautiful fall day that will give you all the warm feels.


Grab yourself some comfy plush pillows and blankets and add them to your living space for some inviting texture. A soft knitted blanket and pillows will instantly make your home a warm, comforting place you will never want to leave. 


You’ve spent all summer planting those beautiful flowers in your garden, and now that the weather’s getting cold you might be spending less time outside. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring some of those blooming beauties inside!  Seeing them every day will bring you a sense of calm and happiness whenever you enter a room.

If you are looking for some items to make your home feel like an inviting refuge from the cold, stop by Anna’s and pick up some cozy blankets, pillows, plants and candles today because “Home is the coziest place to be” -Winnie the Pooh.

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