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Faux Garlands & Picks You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

Faux Garlands & Picks You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

As we anticipate the kaleidoscope of colours the leaves will soon bring, it only seems fitting to mimic these gifts from nature in our homes. Garlands, artificial grasses, and picks are a fantastic way to bring the relaxed ambiance of the season into our dwellings. They soften the hard edges of a space and bring in a new level of coziness that we all love this time of year. They are a versatile and creative way to celebrate the season's natural beauty and can be used to decorate mantels, staircases, door frames, or even as a centerpiece on your table.

19" Astibe Bundle $7.99 | Ceramic Vase $59.99 | Wooden Geometric Pumpkins $29.99 | 26" Oak Leaf Wreath

The possibilities are endless, and the result is a stunning display that will surely captivate your guests. (Plus, they don’t require a lot of storage room for the months when they aren’t on display – which for our little home, is a huge selling point.)

Fall Wall Art $39.99 | 9" Astibe Bundle $7.99 | Glass Vase $3.99

If you haven’t been to the store lately, let me tell you, it is brimming with the most gorgeous selection of seasonal, nature inspired décor for any style of home. Whether you’re on the hunt for a traditional look for your mantle, pampas grass in a vase for a more minimalist & modern style, or are looking to lighten things up with some whimsical pompom garland… we have it all!

8.75" Wood & Resin Tile Photo Frames (3 styles) $24.9972" Wool Ball Garland $39.99

Deep browns, rich burgundies, and warmer tones are making a big appearance this season. If you are searching for a simple and subtle way to achieve a cozy autumn look in your home, try layering the textures of big bold leaf sprays with soft feathery pampas grass. The best part - There really isn’t a wrong way to do this. Playing around and finding a look that best suits your style and brings you joy is always the way to go.

Pillow $69.99 | 40" Dry Hydrangea Leaf Spray $19.99 | 31.5" Papmpas Spray | 34" Eucalyptus Pod Spray $12.99

40" Dry Hydrangea Leaf Spray $19.99 | 28" Pampas Grass Spray $9.99 | 34" Eucalyptus Pod Spray $12.99

Another way to add a timeless autumn touch is by adding garlands which mimic the colours of the early fall season. As the green leaves pale and turn to hues of yellow and orange – try to mimic this in the home.

Birch Leaf Garland with Mustard Spikes $29.99 | 34 Birch Leaf Stem with Berry Spikes $19.99 | Fall Wall Art $39.99

I have to veer a little off topic here to touch on the magic and whimsy of the season. The recent trend of felted forest creatures has taken off over the years and incorporating them into the natural décor is a fun and welcomed surprise. I just love hiding these guys in unexpected places, like a lantern, or hanging from a branch. Or if you are looking to add some more sophisticated whimsy, the acorn hooded nut crackers we have in stock are a perfect way to add some height to your mantel.


Acorn Nutcracker $39.99 | Lantern $59.99 | 18" Plastic Pinecone Bundle $7.99 | Harvest Pampas Spray $12.99

Felt Mouse Ornament $14.99 | Mushroom Ornament $3.99

Pampas grass has been sought after in the design world for years and it’s a staple that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Switching out florals from your vase for feathery textured pampas is an easy and affordable way to instantly add those cozy fall vibes to your space.

9" Astibe Bundle $7.99 | Glass Vase $3.99 | Wooden Squirrel $69.99 | Wooden Acorn Dish with Lid $19.99

Oh, and before I sign off, it’s worth mentioning that all autumn décor is currently on sale for 25% off! So if you’ve been humming and hawing about when to begin your decorating, I’d say now’s the time! And when you’ve finished sprucing up your space, don’t forget to sit back and admire your handiwork. I like to relax with a cup of chai tea and the scent of crackling birch in the air to complete the sensory experience. Afterall, if we can’t take a moment to appreciate these little things, what is the point? So, lets all be sure to take the time and savor the beauty of autumn we’ve brought into our homes 🍂. We’d love to see the spaces you’ve come up with! If you’re feeling inclined to share, please tag us in your posts or accompany with the hashtag #GotItAtAnnas

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