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Italian Stone Pine

Italian Stone Pine

Looking for a living Christmas tree to add to your tabletop this season? We’d love for you to meet the charming little coniferous, Italian Stone Pine, Pinus pinea – bringing all the foresty feels indoors!

Native to the Mediterranean coast this little tree is happiest in bright light – making them perfect for table displays, mantels or entryways during the holidays!

Italian Stone Pine Care & Maintenance:

  • Light: Italian stone pine likes lots of bright, even direct light, so a spot in a south or west window is perfect
  • Water: Water thoroughly but allow soil to dry slightly between waterings. Select a container with a drainage hole.
  • Fertilizer: Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly during active growth.
  • Growth: 2-4′ tall | 2-3′ wide
  • Maintenance: Prune branch tips to maintain shape and size.
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