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A Personal Backyard Tour

A Personal Backyard Tour

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Typically the kitchen is the heart of the home. The place where everyone congregates together to share good laughs and yummy food. But after a long winter stuck inside, our kitchen has quickly turned into nothing more than a prep station for where the real party is, outside!

When we first purchased our home three years ago the backyard was very daunting. We moved from a farm that had acres of land surrounding us, to a double lot in the town of Essex. The pool hadn’t run in years and had ducks that visited season after season. The deck was very rotten and there was an old shack at the back of the yard that housed many cute but angry animals. As a growing family with two dogs who run freely, we knew the yard was our top priority.

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The pool was our first priority because we were fully renovating the inside of the house as well. With no bathroom, we wanted a place to quickly rinse off and refresh after a long day with no air conditioning. After years of being just a pond, finally, the pool was crystal clear again. We tore down the old deck and overgrown shrubs that led to it and started building new. Around it, we made a small pea stone tanning station and added easy perennials to give all the wood and rock some life.

Finally, we have a safe place for the kids to run around and not get slivers from decaying wood and tree roots.

I wanted to create zones in my backyard for entertaining and aesthetic purposes. On the deck, we decided to build a privacy wall to disguise the kid’s zone behind it and the large trampoline. This also acted as a backdrop to the bbq. One day we would like to build an outdoor kitchen with countertops stretching the length of the whole wall but one thing at a time. For now, we scattered edible herb planters around the Bbq with basil and rosemary for easy to grab cooking purposes.  Creating designated spaces in the yard has made it an easy way to hide the mess and give the kids a space for them to play freely and independently.

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Now that the main structure of the yard has been built we spend almost every meal outside together as a family. Whether it be hamburgers on the BBQ or pulled pork in the smoker, there’s always some kind of yummy smell coming from our side of the fence.

As you enter into the side gate entrance into the yard you’ll follow our new fence that once replaced a broken chain link fence along to the back “natural garden”.

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Here is where we used to have a really bad flooding issue. The whole backside of our yard used to get at least 6 inches of water and stay well into the heat of the summer. For a year or so, until the problem was fixed, we avoided this area due to mosquitos and the lack of being able to do anything back there. Luckily my husband works in construction and found a way to eliminate the water. Now it’s a peaceful garden with hand-me-down cuttings and native plants that can grow invasive as much as they please. I set up a cute hammock area for reading a few steps over from our lovely ladies.

At the very back of our yard, right in line with our kitchen window, I get to look out at the cutest DIY chicken coop housing our two girls that the kids raised and care for all themselves. The Easter bunny brought the boys the chicks last year and I have to admit, they have done an amazing job caring for them. The chickens have taught them a great amount of responsibility and what it is to be gentle. Every day we collect 2 eggs.

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Fun fact: Farm-fresh eggs that are not washed do not have to go in the fridge. When the mama lays the egg, they have a special protective coating on them preserving them from rotting quickly. Once the eggs are washed, like grocery store legs,  it washes away that coating making it so you have to refrigerate them to keep them fresh.

In front of the chicken coop houses our 4 raised veggie beds. I chose to raise them for economical purposes and to try and help prevent grass and weeds from creeping in. 3 beds across the boys and I planted perennial fruits and veggies like blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb. Scattered in between we have the easy to grow, staple plants like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Unfortunately this area gets a good amount of shade so in the coming years we will find a new area of the yard to put more raised beds.

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Our yard has become our heart of the home. It’s where the kids feel safe and free to use their imagination. We encourage holes to be dug, worms to be found and construction sites to be made in the sandbox. it’s where guests gather to cool off in the pool or enjoy a good homemade meal. Whether it be gathered around the campfire, cozied up in the hot tub or chasing chickens around the yard all our hard work and imagination has turned our neglected over grown plot of land into a retreat for our family to enjoy.

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