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A Garden Update: What’s Blooming In My Garden

A Garden Update: What’s Blooming In My Garden

As I sit, waiting for the arrival of baby #3, the days seem longer than they have ever felt before. However, looking back through the summer and realizing July is quickly coming to an end, I can’t help but be in awe at how fast this summer has come and gone. 

Already I’m getting Facebook pop-ups of pumpkin spice lattes and cozy fall front porch inspiration. As refreshing as a cool mid-autumn day sounds (especially at 7 months pregnant and barely making it by in this heat) I had to take a walk through the garden to appreciate all I have left of this summer’s blooms.

White Coneflower 12.99

Purple Coneflower 12.99

I love watching the landscape of my gardens transition as seasons change. With each summer month blessing us with new varieties of perennial blooms and colours, I can’t help but stop and be thankful for living in an area that allows us to experience all four seasons of beauty.

Variegated Coreopsis 14.99

The boys and I went for a walk this morning to check on the chickens and do our daily watering routine. We collected a few of our favourite flowers and brought them inside so we could enjoy them as we eat breakfast. Arranging flowers is one of my favourite past times, however, there’s something about being able to harvest and arrange a bouquet collected from your personal garden that makes it all the more rewarding.

Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan 14.99

Finally this year we have a garden that is producing fruit. For the past few years, we always grew our veggie plants from seed. If the boys forgot to water them, they would wilt over and I would have to give them a good drink so they could pop back up. I’m pretty sure our poor seedlings eventually got tired of being resuscitated, so finally I caved and purchased all pre-grown veggie plants from Annas.

Our tomatoes are bigger than ever. We have a couple of plants that are in containers that are taller than I am. Every day we go and check on the fruit to see what’s ripe and instantly the kids go to town and eat everything that is on the verge of being ready. With two growing boys and some backyard chickens, it’s safe to say no matter how big a garden I have, I’ll never have an abundance of fruit with them devouring it before anyone else can get to it.

Recently one of Maverick’s chickens went broody. In other words, she wanted to be a mama. Because we don’t have a rooster to help her become a mom, we decided we would get her some fertilized eggs from another farm so she could tend to them and hopefully become the mama she desired to be. Last weekend was their due date and out hatched five tiny babies. The boys are in their glory! A few new family members to share our garden with and learn from as they grow.

Our landscaping is our forever project. I wanted the back area to be as natural as possible and be able to house different animals, flowers and pollinators. I wanted it to be an area for the boys to be able to explore and find new insect friends. We just put together a new butterfly home so we could learn about the process of going from a tiny egg to a beautiful butterfly.

Lavender 19.99 | Purple Coneflower 12.99 | Butterfly Bush 36.99

My next project is to plant an abundance of milkweed for monarchs to lay their eggs in our very own backyard.

Milkweed 9.99

In mid-July/early August out blooms the hardiest of perennials.  Plants that can withstand the harsh heat and make the best of the moisture that they have available. This is the time of season outdoor veggies start producing an abundance of yummy snacks and farmers start harvesting their spring crop. It’s harvest season. The season that we’ve worked so hard towards and dreamt of when springtime teased us with late snowflakes.

Hybrid Foxglove 14.99

Dwarf Delphinium 14.99

There’s still an abundance of summer left. Finally, people can hug their families, kids can play at parks and life is slowly becoming more and more familiar. With last summer being a blur and the beginning of this year following the trend, how nice is it to know there is light at the end of one long, dark tunnel?

With only a few short months left of summer, try and slow time down. Take an extra 10 minutes to drink your morning coffee outside. Create an evening watering schedule where you walk the garden and acknowledge all the new growth your plants have made this summer. Add fresh clippings of herbs or flowers to a vase on your counter so you can enjoy the outside from the safety of your air-conditioned home.

Hybrid dianthus 14.99

Most importantly, don’t let summer slip by. Yes, we are so lucky to experience the beauty of all four seasons. However, summertime in my opinion is the best season for being active, making memories, and enjoying some of mother natures most beautiful gifts.

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