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A Cheerful Spring Porch Glow Up!

A Cheerful Spring Porch Glow Up!

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Flowers are starting to bloom, and temperatures have warmed considerably in the last week, which can only mean one thing…we can finally begin to decorate our front porches! A fresh and inviting porch not only adds to the charm of our homes exterior, but it also creates a cozy and inviting ambiance for our loved ones and visitors.

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Whether you have a small stoop or a spacious veranda, decorating your front porch is a delightful way to bring in the season. And when it comes to decorating our front porches for spring, the possibilities are endless.

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Right now Anna's has an incredible selection of outdoor decor, from pots & planters to wreaths and mats, all at varying price points. There truly is something for everyone there. I definitely recommend stopping by if your are planning to spruce up your porch!

I begin by giving my stoop a good cleaning. Sweeping away the brittle remains of winter and creating a fresh clean slate sure does feel good! A sweep & scrub of the concrete and washing the front windows makes all the difference. And once the base is clean, its time to build it back up!

Some people like to choose a theme for their decorating. Deciding on your style can help bring focus to what kind of elements you want to incorporate and how to tie them together.  Some popular themes include:
  • Boho-Chic: Embrace an eclectic vibe with a mix of patterns, textures, and global-inspired accents.
  • Monochrome/Minimalist: Create a sleek and modern look by sticking to a single colour palette. This creates a sophisticated and cohesive feel. Less is more with this look. Keep décor streamlined with clean lines and natural materials.
  • Farmhouse: Bring a touch of rustic charm to your porch with vintage inspired furniture, galvanized metal accents, and plenty of greenery.
Remember, themes & trends are meant to inspire, but the most important thing is to incorporate details that YOU love and a style that reflects your personal taste. Tying in your own personal style and honouring the build of the home are the two most important factors to consider.

For my front porch I am starting with a large neutral rug. The state of our concrete is not so nice, and I plan to paint it when the weather cooperates. Until then, a rug works magically at hiding the many imperfections. Check out the difference this makes! It really is worth the investment.

Coconut fiber mat $59.99 | 4x6' patio rug $69.99 | 15 x 13.5 Belly Pot  - Bubble White $89.99

I like to keep my porch colourful with flowers and cushions, but it is important that they all come together cohesively. When decorating, some staples that I gravitate to are:
  • A good welcome mat
  • A nice seasonal wreath
  • Some planters 
  • All season pots 
  • Outdoor pillows

15 x 13.5 Belly Pot  - Bubble White $89.99 | Custom planter - prices vary | 8.75 x 7.75 Belly Pot  - Bubble White $29.99 | 6" Rubina Winter Heath $15.99

Outdoor pillow $39.99

As Mother Nature breathes fresh new life into the world around us, let us follow suit and introduce the colours and florals of spring in our porch décor!

Happy Spring friends!


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    You make it all look so easy!!! Beautiful makeover on your porch!!❤️

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