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6" Hoya Pubicalyx Hanging

Hoya Pubicalyx is recognized by their narrow, oval-shaped leaves that are deep green with silvery variegation flecks making no plant exactly like the next. A vining plant that is happiest when climbing or cascading, they are native to the Philipines and loved for their clusters of fragrant flowers.


Light: Bright, indirect light (North facing window is ideal)

Water: Drought tolerant. Water when the top 1-2″ of soil feels dry to the touch. We suggest watering every 10 days or so- when you notice the leaves start to look wrinkly they are thirsty. If the lower leaves start to turn yellow and fall off, this is a sign of overwatering.

Fertilizer: Use liquid fertilizer to feed your Hoyas about once a month during the growing season. Once cold weather comes along, make sure to cut out the fertilizer as they enter a semi-dormant state.

Please know that no two plants are alike and the one you receive may not look exactly as shown.

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  • $14.99
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