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6" Amaryllis

Many people believe Amaryllis plants are a one-and-done kind of species, however, Amaryllis is a tropical bulb plant that gets better with time. The bigger the bulb, the more flower stems produced. In saying that, you will want to transition your bulb plant with the seasons- meaning the light, temperature, and maintenance levels will vary based on the time of year.

Winter: Indoors (16 °C/60 °F)

When flowering:

Keep your Amaryllis in an area with diffused, indirect light.

Begin general all-purpose fertilizer once the foliage begins to peek out above the soil surface – NOT before it has foliage. Fertilize every 7-14 days.

Water: ensure you water your plant enough that it keeps the soil moist, but not soggy. Be careful not to wet the portion of the bulb that sticks above the soil.

After flowering is complete:

Cut the flower stem off near the neck of the bulb. Try to not injure the leaves or any emerging flower stalks.

Keep your plant in a sunny spot, to continue to supply nourishment to the bulb, until the leaves begin to fall off.

Keep watering your plants so the soil says lightly moist, but never soggy. You do not want root rot.

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