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The Joy of Gift Giving!

The Joy of Gift Giving!

2.5" poinsettia $7.99

In this fast-paced world, the act of giving holds such a special place. It reminds us that we have the power to spread joy, kindness, and happiness through our thoughtful actions. Kind words of appreciation alongside the smallest gift can often times be the most meaningful. I’ve found in life, that more than anything, we all simply want to be seen. When we take the time to show someone that we appreciate and see all the wonderful things that they do, that is when the magic happens. Magic on both sides. In the words of Winston Churchill:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

As we prepare for the festivities ahead, instead of letting our lists overwhelm us, lets try to take a different approach. Let’s seek joy in the finding. Whether you’re searching for exactly the right gift, or any gift will do, take pride in what you’re giving, and that energy will be passed along as well. Instead of waiting for the last minute to wrap everything up in a frenzy, start early. One person at a time. While you’re at it, take a moment to reflect on the wonderful ways this person has touched your life. Put those caring thoughts into words on a card, and I promise, your gift will be appreciated tenfold.

Greeting cards $5.99, $9.99

I will admit, often times I find it so tricky to shop for other people. The older I get, the more difficult it seems to find the right gift. People my age simply buy anything they need or want these days, leaving little room for things to be desired. When I am stumped on what to get someone, a good strategy that I’ve come up with is gifting my favourite things.

So, here are some of my favourite small items from the Garden Center that would make great host, teacher, or gift game gifts! None of these will break the bank but they are thoughtful in gesture.

I’m not going to lie, at Anna's I spend more money than I should on candles. I have a problem, I know, but I’m not sorry for it! The Swan Creek and Crossroad lines of candles have the most heavenly fragrances. I look forward, each morning, to drinking my coffee, in a dark room, lit only by candle, and letting the scent fill the air. Sounds cheesy perhaps, but it is the absolute perfect way to start the day.

16 oz Crossroads candle $19.99

Grab a candle, put a little bow on top, and it looks like you’ve got yourself a present!

26 oz Crossroads candle $29.99

Do you know a woman who goes the extra mile to deliver happiness to others? Or a young lady who is working hard and kicking butt? The jewelry at Anna’s is on trend and many of the brands have inspirational words to accompany the piece, making them perfect for gift giving. Blood diamonds are not a girl’s best friend – everyday, wearable jewelry is.

Lucky feather necklace $19.99 | Scout bracelet/necklace $39.99

World’s Softest Socks
The name says it all. These socks are incredibly soft & beautiful. This is something that I always want more of, but don’t necessarily spend the money on myself for – comfortable, luxurious socks. Gifting these to a girlfriend, with some popcorn and plans to have a movie night together is the sweetest gesture. Quality time & comfort – combined, are the perfect gift for a busy gal.

World's softest socks $14.99

For the Chef
Winter is a welcomed season in the kitchen. This is the time of year when we gladly turn on the oven for hours, making the likes of roasts, stews, and soups. If you have someone on your list who knows their way around a kitchen, why not gift them some potted herbs? This is the gift that keeps giving – one meal at a time. Pair it in a coordinating pot with a tea towel, and it makes a lovely & thoughtful gift!

6" potted mixed herbs $4.99 | 7" Terra Cotta pot & saucer $4.99 & $2.99 | Cotton tea towel $14.99 | Swedish sponge cloth $7.99

For the Coffee Lover
Coffee. Is. Life. If you know, you know. Anyone who indulges in this caffeinated bliss, would surely love some fresh roasted beans. Balzacs and MyGrind both have a variety of delicious roasts to choose from. Pair these with the most adorable little Santa mug and it suddenly becomes a worthy gift!

Balzac's coffee $17.99 | Santa mug $19.99

Ornaments are a wonderful way to ‘Christmafy’ a generic gift. When you know the best gift to give someone is likely a nice bottle of wine, or scotch – drape an ornament around the neck to help personalize it. Ornaments these days can be so specific. Giving to a greenhouse grower? Maybe a pepper or tomato ornament would be funny or cute. Someone glitzy? How about a sparkly snowflake. A farmer? No problem, tractor ornament coming right up. You get the idea. This is a foolproof gift that works every time.

Greeting card $5.99 | Snowflake ornament $9.99

Last week I touched on decorating houseplants for Christmas. Gifting a plant adorned in holiday wrappings and bows is such a versatile gift. Our plants range in price and size, making them perfect for so many lucky recipients.

If you’re looking for something small to go alongside a gift card or simply gifting to someone as a kind gesture, these adorable little gnome potted violets and poinsettias are so sweet.

2.5" African violet $5.99 | 2.5" poinsettia $7.99

Anyone has room for a small houseplant in their home. What you really need to know, is whether this person is disciplined enough to care for one. This is precisely why I love to give the ZZ plant as a gift. It loves to be ignored. Don’t have a great light source? No problem. Too preoccupied to water regularly? Forgetaboutit. The ZZ plant looks gorgeous and adapts to so many different living conditions.

6" Zz plant $19.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off) | Custom bow - prices vary

Is it just my family, or are kids more into plants lately? My daughter and both of my nieces have plants on their Christmas lists this year. My niece even wants a wall of artificial vines in her bedroom! I think plants are great gifts for children too, as it teaches them responsibility and appreciation of nature.

4" succulent $4.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off)

Cards are my favourite part of any gift – for every occasion. I love giving them and pouring my heart out into them. In turn, I love to receive them! Finding a card in the mailbox instead of a stack of bills is just the best! Sadly, in this digital world, it seems like handwritten cards and letters are becoming fewer and far between. At the garden center we have a wide range of cards. From minis, priced at $3.99 to beautifully handcrafted quilling cards, which can be framed as artwork after, for $9.99.

Greeting cards $3.99, $5.99 & $9.99

This season let's all embrace the joy of gift giving and make an effort to be conscious and thoughtful in our approach. As the holidays approach, let's use our powers to spread joy, kindness, and love – one gift at a time.


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    Merry Christmas Anna and Marlene – Miss you guys and your awesome staff – Hard for me to get in and out of there now with a cane(ha) – need it for security – Hopefully will see you again next year -

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