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Styling a Holiday Mantel

Styling a Holiday Mantel

For five years I have been dreaming of decorating a mantel for Christmas. Five years! And I am pleased to say, that the time has finally come. We haven’t even fully moved in to the new house yet but decorating the mantel for Christmas was the first thing I did! It may be silly. But trust me when I tell you, being surrounded by boxes and disorder is MUCH more enjoyable when I can look up and admire this beauty.

Mind you, there is still a lot to be done, I definitely need a big mirror or some artwork to hang, and eventually I’d like to replace the mantel. But it exists! And it’s cozy! And I am just so happy!

I have to admit, after having decorated Anna’s for a month already, it feels like I’m a bit late to the game at home. But life happens, and I am so thrilled to be challenged with decorating a new home for the holidays. Discovering new landing spots for all of the décor and creating festive vignettes is such fun!

4' Snowed cascade pine tree $199.99 | 3' Snowed pine $79.99

For those of you who like to get a head start and begin your indoor holiday styling in November, real greenery isn’t always a great option. Beautiful as it may be, when in a dry location with the furnace warming the air, those needles will start to yellow long before Christmas morning.  That being said, there is still hope for a realistic looking Christmas mantel. I’m going to show you a couple options. First, a mantel adorned with entirely artificial greens... 

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And secondly, a blend of artificial and real greenery

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Let’s get to it!

For both versions, I strung together 2 different garlands and added in extra picks. I used a festive juniper berry garland and 2 everyday eucalyptus garlands that I already owned and use year-round (we do have them in stock at Anna's if you're after some 😉).  However, you could use any garland you like! It works best with one that hangs and drapes nicely and isn’t too stiff. If you own a garland that is green but not Christmassy, don’t be afraid to use it! A variation of foliage is what gives this a luxurious looks. I added in boxwood and cedar picks as well.

Boxwood pick with bells $12.99 | Cedar picks $5.99

To begin, I used adhesive command hooks and applied them to the top of the mantel. Don’t worry, they will be completely covered and won’t be seen. This is a great alternative to using nails or staples and poking holes in your mantel. I used 4 hooks total – one on each end, and then I divided the mantel into thirds. My mantel is 6 feet, so I placed a hook every 2 feet.

Then, leaving a little room to drape I hung one eucalyptus garland from the first hook skipping over to the third hook. I mirrored this but from the opposite direction with the second garland – starting at the far end and going to the second hook. Do you follow me?

Eucalyptus Garland $49.99

No need to be super particular. There will be lots of filling in happening. Don't sweat it if at this stage it doesn't look perfect.

Now time to add my festive juniper garland. I only have one, so I loosely wove it across the top.

You could easily finish here, it's looking great! But I want it nice and full, and to achieve the look, I’m going to sporadically add in some picks. Don’t feel like it needs to be perfectly symmetrical – things in nature are not, and natural is the look we’re going for. How gorgeous is this mix of eucalyptus, cedar, juniper, and boxwood?!

This takes artificial to a new level. And it can be a more affordable option if you already own garlands and just want to spruce them up with some picks for filler.

Eucalyptus Garland $49.99 | Boxwood pick with bells $12.99 | Cedar pick $5.99

If you want to mix in real greenery, omit adding in the artificial picks, this is when you would add the real branches . I love adding some pine, magnolia, and silver dollar eucalyptus! Simply use floral wire to secure in a few small branches and you’ll get the added bonus of that festive scent that is so comforting. If you want to extend the staying power of your live greens, give them a soak first and let them dry. But, as we are only adding branches, we don’t have to commit to a full month of longevity – we can simply pluck them out when they yellow and replace them with more.

Silver dollar eucalyptus bundle $24.99 | Magnolia bundle $14.99 | BC pine $12.99

Absolutely gorgeous!! If you want to keep it simple, you can stop here. Or if you want, add in any embellishments that you prefer – pompom garland, bows, balls, whatever tickles your fancy! I like to include twinkle lights for a little ambiance in the evening and in the dark morning hours. Anna’s has some great solar powered strands that are perfect for a mantel.

Solar glo lights $29.99

Whether you’re looking for real greens, artificial, or just something new to freshen up what you already have, come stop by the store to check out the selection – we’d love to see you!


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